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How to Become a UX/UI Designer When You Know Nothing

UX refers to User Experience and UI refers to User Interface. They both are important to a product while having different jobs in the process and design. UX Design is analytical and technical, while UI Design is involved in the graphics aspect. Every company involved with tech and web design seeks those who are specialized in either design or technical, if not both. It is desirable to learn both topics and it is as simple as it seems for those who have zero knowledge of the topic. This is how a no-knowledge UX or UI designer can become a valuable asset.

First of all, the UX/UI design category is wide open with various specialities for people to know about. Besides an understanding of what the difference is – which is commonly misunderstood – one needs to know what those specialities are in each spectrum. Once deciding what they want to do, they should start reading up on the topic. There are plenty of articles about UX/UI design and what newcomers should know about them. Maybe there’s a UX/UI design “for Dummies” book out there. Plenty of reading and practice will carry on in the long term. To be a designer is to use tools that come along with it. Applications like Sketch, Skillshare, and Design Tuts are among the best in UX/UI design and it is good to play around with a couple of them to get the feel for it.

It is also worth meeting someone who is an expert and can give guidance on the learning process. Again, they know more and they may be happy enough to encourage others to join the movement because there are not too many of UX/UI designers out there. They can get us inspired and cite others as an inspiration for being the next big thing in the area (such as being the Bill Gates of UX/UI design).

If the goal is to intern or get hired at an entry-level job as a UI/UX designer, there must be a portfolio ready to show the work that has been done. How does one show something they have never done before? Make up a project. Say it is an experiment and that it is an at-home project that has been working out before. Use Sketch to create wireframes and interactions to prove the basics are there. Look up design links and design an app that can solve any problem, or at least an hypothesis of one.

Finally, there is the aspiring factor in becoming a UX or UI designer. There are IT gigs at home, but there are countries abroad who need these specialists. Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are full of such companies who are in constant need for designers, especially those from the U.S. or U.K. Tech is a booming industry that goes beyond the Silicon Valley. It is an international industry that everybody – including those with no experience – can be a part of. 

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Michelle is a driven and dedicated white hat link builder from the Philippines with over 10 years of extensive experience and many successful projects under her belt. She has handled SEO for startups, small to mid-level businesses as well as corporations.



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