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Kotlin vs Java- Which Language is Better for Android App Development?

If you work in the industry that develops a mobile app, you must be aware of the position the Java language has. It is the most famous language that is used by all android app development companies. Java has been around for a long time; it is easy to use and learn and is flexible at the same time. This makes it the most preferred language for android app.

But the current changes have seen a rise in the number of new languages that might overtake Java and Kotlin is making some positive noise. Most importantly, it might become the new language choice for app developers around the globe.

Kotlin vs. Java– Which is better is a burning question that every app builder is trying to answer, so in this blog, we have compared both the languages and have jotted down their pros and cons which might help you decide the correct language for your project.

Since we are comparing Java vs. Kotlin, the parameters should be the advantages and disadvantages that it offers to the Android app development team.

Kotlin Vs Java: –

About Java

It is the preferred language of the Android team. It is an object-oriented language and had been around for 20 years.

Advantages of Java

  • It is easy to learn, understand and use
  • It is flexible and can be used in a browser or a virtual machine
  • When it comes to cross-app platforms, Java is the best bet
  • Android is made up of Java, and its SDK has many Java libraries.
  • Since Google adopted JVM, Java’s ecosystem is huge
  • When compared with Kotlin, Java apps are more compact and lighter. Kotlin has a complex computing process in the code which makes it work slower on user devices if they have low technical specs.
  • It has a fast app building speed.

Disadvantages of Java

  • A limitation like a nullability causes a problem with API designs.
  • It requires more code writing which means more chances of having errors and bugs.
  • It is slower than Kotlin and requires huge memory.

About Kotlin-

  • Android app can be done using any language that can run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and Kotlin is also a JVM compatible language that aids coders in developing mobile apps easily.
  • JetBrains introduced this language in the year 2011 and got it got its name from ‘Kotlin Island’ that is situated in St. Petersburg Russia.
  • It was made to outmatch Java, but JetBrains didn’t make a new IDE. This is why Kotlin can be used in place of Java.
  • It is an open sourced language which can be statically typed for JVM, but if you want to use it for IOS development, you can do this by just compiling it with JavaScript or Native to write IOS codes.
  • Base Camp 3 app was made using this Kotlin language.

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Advantages of Kotlin-

  • It has a lot of potentials when it comes to android application development, but it can also help you with backend projects.
  • Switching from Java to Kotlin is not hard and can be done within minutes. Just install its plugin and add to the Gradle build file and click on convert.
  • Developers can build clean and new APIs with Kotlin’s smart extension functions.
  • The Android process uses null to represent an absence of a value which is the main concern when Java language is used. While Kotlin has null in its system there is no chance of having any problems related to this.
  • This language is brief, but detailed thus it makes fewer errors than Java.
  • Kotlin works well with all Java libraries, frameworks and JVM. So if you are working with Java, but want to create new modules using Kotlin you can, it will work as it is interoperable with Java.
  • It is free so you don’t have to send a dime on it, but you do have to learn it.
  • It has a huge library that will help you at any point.
  • Kotlin works well with both functional and procedural approaches.
  • You can write a single project using both languages, and it won’t be a problem.

Disadvantages that you might face using Kotlin:

  • Both languages have a concise syntax so while making a transition to Kotlin, the process of learning can be hard.
  • In most cases, Kotlin compilation speed is lower than Java.
  • The developer community is small as compared to Java so resources for learning might be less.
  • Kotlin is still being discovered, so finding a team leader for this might be an issue.

Final Verdict:

Well, Java and Kotlin both offer some great features. Java is an old language which most developers are comfortable with, is flexible and most importantly will not become obsolete anytime soon. So when you are struggling with Android Java vs. Kotlin for your next app development project, just think about these points:

  • Kotlin has many advantages, but it might pose a problem as making a sudden change to something totally new may have its own issues.
  • The team of developers may not be comfortable or able to adapt to a new language in such a short period of time.
  • For, a beginner in the android app development industry, Kotlin can be great as it is easy to learn and use.

So, which is the better language? -Well, it totally depends on your needs and comfort level.

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Ajay Goyal is co-founder & director at Endive Software. He works dedicatedly with client’s aspects to deliver industry-specific results. He runs development services like mobile app development and website development for enterprises and startups.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ranjan Khadka

    December 5, 2018 at 6:03 am

    Hi there! Knowing about the true fact between Java Klotin. In my view, I prefer to use Java because it is easy to use though it is time-consuming to create a long code. Anyways thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.

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