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Know How To Ensure Data Security For E-commerce Business Through Custom Made Software

With E-Commerce businesses increasingly adopting an expedient custom software development for their applications and web offerings, software for Ecommerce also …

Custom software development has become the be-all and end-all for eCommerce businesses. With the wealth of information available today, online retail spaces have evolved like never before. Conducting businesses online has flourished because customer preferences are changing. The eCommerce sales are stated to touch $4.5 trillion by 2021. Online businesses are making optimum use of technology to create path-breaking products to achieve success. But with success comes the risk of unwanted attention from cyber-attackers who render the software useless.

A cyber attack or a breach of security case highlights system vulnerabilities. If you are giving your software development to a custom software development company they will put their minds seeing to it that the software does not become a victim of methods of such criminals.

When you have your internal team build software, you are only depending on the skills of your team who might not even be full-fledged experts. As we are all aware, Facebook also suffered a major security breach which it accepted in March last year. It stored the passwords of 600 million users in plain text in a file accessible to thousands of employees. A secure application goes a long way in establishing the credibility of the custom software development company. Hence software for eCommerce businesses should be best left to the experts!

It is time to now see the types of security threats eCommerce businesses face as a major part of their financial dealings are done online.


They are small portions of software that are created by sophisticated criminals to gain access to the software. With tools like SQL injection, Malware finds a way inside webpages which lets the hackers create fake identities, send malicious emails and also gain control over the system and network.

Poor Bots

eCommerce sites are replete with bots both good and bad. Good bots provide useful results but bad bots are designed intentionally to cause harm to your business. Historically speaking they were such bots were developed in a manner that equates to human workflow very much like real users.


Hackers conduct skimming to steal private data like credit card details. It is quite a big risk to decipher it because the hackers provide external links on the payments page that the user can click if they want to make payments. Hackers can also make their entry into these sites easy with phishing or cross-site scripting. The custom payment information is captured in real-time the moment customers access it. With the presence of a custom software development company, the website becomes more secure.

DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are a glaring reality. When such an attack happens, your server will be flooded with requests from many untraceable IP addresses. This is a clear case when IoT devices are manipulated which renders your web page to go offline furthering the chances of online attacks. With increasing, sophistication security threats to eCommerce businesses also have picked pace wherein eCommerce websites have undergone a 109% rise in such attacks in 2018. 

Below are reasons you should consider Custom software development:

Too much dependency on default measures can be harmful

If you get your internal IT team to work on custom software development, you will be building an eCommerce software based on their ideas of security. What happens is that if the organization has not faced any malware attacks, they might tend to take it for granted and only go with the default measures. Custom software development companies provide bespoke software for eCommerce companies and ensure security at every stage of the custom software development cycle. If you rely too much on your existing solutions, then it is a sure-shot recipe for disaster.

Software Development Security Advice

Custom software development companies ensure secure working principles and complete all due diligence. They do not violate this and this is why trusting them for custom software development is a good plan. A good development company will lay stress on documented information security management systems to ensure the client does not suffer from any data losses.

They set up policies that contain the following particulars.

  • Firewalled ingress traffic
  • Network Password authorization
  • Option to login to understand the quality of outbound and inbound traffic
  • Detection of intruder activity including spam monitoring

Custom software development companies also store all the source codes on the internal servers with a VPN or with private access options. The users can then access only the allotted logins and passwords. For software development companies using cloud services as an important part of their software development, then data breaches are prevented by applying approved encryption algorithms like AES or SHA-256.

Designing Risk management solutions

Custom software companies design risk prevention plans and document them. This they do along with the clients so that nothing is missed. It is a crucial part of the entire process where requirements are discussed, gathered, evaluated and risks assessed along with strategies. Custom software development companies also value local IP laws so that crisis management can be easier. The risk mitigation document also includes business continuity policies, security policies, data safety certificates, and how the custom software development companies will handle the IP of the clients.

No Fluffs

Building your custom software would mean relying only on your team who might not be well-versed with every skill on board. In a bid to create great software they may even build software with too many features or fluffs. But a professional custom software development company ensures that such fluff is avoided. They design lighter systems so that your systems are not exposed to vulnerabilities.

A custom software development company builds and creates software with precision at every stage ensuring safety and security. It is the best option if your dream is to build custom software for your business needs. This way you will also be able to concentrate on your core offerings leaving the rest to a leading custom software development company. 

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