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Know Everything JEE Mains and Advanced Sample Question Papers

JEE – Joint Entrance Exam (Mains) is a national level engineering entrance exam. It is conducted for facilitating admission in technical institutions like NITs, IITs, and GFTIs. Those who clear the Mains go for preparing for Advanced. JEE sample papers are made after detailed discussions with the authorities. The sample papers for Mains and Advanced are designed by top IITians.

The exam is conducted in two phases. The first phase will take place in January and the second phase will be in April. Clearing the examination can be easy with our JEE sample questions paper. The papers are specifically laid keeping in mind the marking scheme and paper pattern.

Why do you need to solve JEE sample question papers?

These sample papers will help the student prepare for the exam in various ways. These papers will help you identify which type of questions mostly occurs in the paper. They will help you to analyze, the most important and lesser important questions. Regular practice will help you increase your speed and manage your time. It will also ensure that as you solve more questions, you get a grip on the writing style of the answers.

There goes a saying, “Your tomorrow depends on your Today.” This is absolutely true for all the JEE Aspirants out there. Your result depends upon how you practice today. So, we are here to help you with JEE Mains and Advanced sample papers, with solutions.

We always see Topper’s answer copies and none of them would have scored without these IIT, JEE Mains sample papers. When you solve papers which are designed according to your main question paper, you provide scope for your improvement. You get to know which topics you understand and which ones need a little more effort.

As a student, you will understand your strengths and weaknesses. Later, you will be able to strengthen your weaknesses and put more efforts for a better result. You can easily download JEE Main sample paper PDF and JEE sample papers with solutions through the links given below.

Benefits of daily practice:-

There are a few more advantages of practising from JEE Advanced and Mains sample question papers.

They are listed as follows:

  • You find out what is your level of Preparation according to the JEE questions and how much more do you need to improve.
  • You find out how accurate your answers are and how can you answer more efficiently.
  • A lot of are scared of exams, but solving the papers on a daily basis helps us get rid of the exam fear.
  • After solving a couple of papers, we become more confident and we have a sense of belief in ourselves.

Institutes have all the tools you need

Online coaching institutes have JEE sample question papers that are exclusively curated by well-trained professionals. All the questions that are included in the papers will eventually help you to get the ticket to IIT. You don’t need to complete the whole course and then wait to solve these papers. You can go topic-wise and solve the papers accordingly. You can also download sample papers with solutions or answer keys.

When the examination is close and all you have is time for revision, JEE question papers are a great way to brush up your concepts. So with less time, these papers offer you a variety of questions. It gives you a brief idea about the question types. You won’t panic during the examinations, because you have solved similar types of questions in the sample papers.

As you solve more papers, you get an exact idea about the correction style and questions. So, the paper type won’t turn out as a shock during final exams.  There are a lot of books, mock tests, and sample papers available online as well as offline. But, what is the guarantee that similar type of questions will come in the examination?

How Coaching Institute help you?

Here, various online coaching institute provides you with such JEE Mains sample questions and solutions that we believe will turn up in the examination. After a lot of research and analysis of the old papers, we have come up without sample papers.  It will help you devise your strategy for the exam. Many-a-times, we are not in the mood of solving questions or actually preparing for the exam, but these sample papers will help you to avoid procrastination and start with the preparations.

A lot of times, we lose marks due to negative marking. But, when you solve sample question papers daily, you will be able to understand whether to attempt the question or leave it and you will be able to tackle this problem.

You will find out that there are a few questions which are being repeated and that shows how important they are. Also, you get to know how the paper setters think. It is very important to think like the ones who set your papers, in order to answer it most efficiently.


You can download JEE Advanced and Mains sample question papers with solutions, for free. We will help you with your preparations, but you need to make an effort too. We are providing you with the best and reliable sample papers. But, you need to work harder. There are a lot of students who want to reach the place where you do, but not everyone wins. So, I hope now you know that solving sample papers before your final JEE examination plays a crucial role in getting additional marks. So, let’s work hard and reach your dream destination – IIT.

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