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Killer Things Your Smartwatch Should Be Doing

Watch can only help manage your time, a Smartwatch will help you manage the events you have in your life.

With technology booming, I’m sure you’ll only expect the best from the devices you buy. In the midst of Smartwatches, many of which are Comparoid reviewed, you are probably wondering if they are worth the investment, as this small device hasn’t quite convinced the masses that it comes with features a smartphone doesn’t have.

Well, instead of telling others what they already know, in this article, I define the Smartwatch and what a perfect one should do!

How to Figure out a Smartwatch

To look into the Smartwatch means you’ll have to look at how we use desktops and mobile devices.

Basically, we create information on a desktop and consume on our mobile device. After all, you can’t build websites or write novels on a mobile device (it’s possible but difficult!) simply because you will be able to do more on a desktop compared to a smartphone. However, the latter is lighter, fits in the pocket, and you can go anywhere with it, thereby making you reachable at all times.

Now with that in mind, you should now be able to figure out what the Smartwatch has compared to desktops or smartphones.

Advantages of a Smartwatch

  •  A Smartwatch is always on your wrist and moves around with you.
  •  You are always on-the-go and will have no need for pockets.
  • A Smartwatch always keeps you connected.
  • There is a control center in the watch, so you can connect it to your phone.
  •  You can focus more on the data you receive on the watch.

Disadvantages of a Smartwatch

  • Small screen so you aren’t able to read as well as on desktop and smartphone devices.
  • Smaller battery and less power.

What Your Smartwatch Should Be Doing

Now that you’re more familiar with the Smartwatch, here’s the wish list on what these devices should be doing:

1. Have a Smart Compass

A Smartwatch should have a smart compass to find a way back to your car, coffee shops, or other landmarks in the area I’m visiting. It’s better to receive directions like this through navigational voices while driving or walking. It should also post quick reviews of wherever I’m going or whatever I plan to purchase!

2. Gesture Control

It would be nice to have a Smartwatch for flicking through TV channels by just using my hand, or even for tweaking other devices in my homes like the lights, fang, or even the thermostat.

3. Track Locations

Just like tracking my keys or phone, it would be nice to have a GPS module on my Smartwatch to track my kids or other people as well!

4. Verbal Commands

It’s difficult to read emails, so it would be so much better to have one that can dictate messages, statuses, or emails, or you can verbally make appointments instead of constantly tapping on the small screen.

5. Play Music

It would be nice for the Smartwatch to play music no matter where I am, maybe in the pool or shower. I can shake my wrist and have it change songs, so it’s more convenient and fun when singing along in the shower!

6. Find My Phone, Car, or Keys

I wish a Smartwatch can trigger my phone to ring or locate where my car is parked, so I won’t need to waste time rummaging around the room or parking lot looking for it!

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! While a watch can only help manage your time, a Smartwatch could help you manage other events you have in your life. The device is always with you, hands-free, and keeps you connected and in an elegant fashion. However, the perfect smartwatch hasn’t been invented yet. So let’s wait and see what the next few years have to offer!

Written By

Sagar Mandan is HR and SEO specialist at a company which provides seo services to their clients. He do spend his free time explaining young SEO executives. You can follow him on twitter @techssocial



  1. Lanky

    December 19, 2018 at 10:23 am

    Nice post Sagar, I like all the points you made and I totally agree with you.

    In 2018, we have some of the best designs of smartwatches. Samsung with the Galaxy watch and Apple with the Series 4. I am quiet sure 2019 is filled with surprises.

  2. Jude

    January 1, 2019 at 1:01 am

    Smartwatches are diverse in what they can do. Modern Smartwatch can do even more.

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