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Key Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Call Centers

At present time, call centers have undoubtedly gained tremendous popularity amid businesses, regardless of their shape and size. It is one of the best instrument through which companies can get things done by outsourcing call center services. Depending upon your business requirements they can choose inbound and outbound call centers services to streamline their operations and delight customers.

After all, who doesn’t want to maintain good rapport with their customers and maximize profit revenues?

These call center services can be further divided two different categories:

  • Inbound call center solutions
  • Outbound call center solutions

Being new to business at times, entrepreneurs usually find it bit difficult to understand the real difference between the two different types call center services. These are two different services and due to lack of right knowledge people feel more bemused.

Through this post, let’s try to discuss in details and understand the difference between inbound and outbound call centers.

What is inbound call center service?

In inbound services, call agents take all incoming calls of the customers and respond to their queries related to products and services.

Some of the featured services offered by the service provider under this category are as mentioned below:

  • Help desk support: These call centers with use of latest tools and techniques provide remote technical support for various products meet varying demands of their customers who need assistance with their technology-based products. For instance, Smartphones, computer, laptops, software applications, MP3 players, digital cameras, and other computer related peripherals like printers and scanners.
  • Customer support: Through these services, businesses can improve their relationship with existing and potential customers.  Sometimes it isn’t possible for small businesses or start up organisation to have well-equipped call center to provide outstanding customer support services. There can be various reasons behind the same, but the most apparent one is budget constraints.
  • Inquiry handling: You can keep your customers well-informed about your products and services through inbound call center service. A team of highly professional call agents speak to your customers and respond to all the queries raised by your customers.
  • Call answering: After office hours it isn’t possible for most of the businesses to take up calls from potential customers. In such cases, they tend to lose valuable leads. To avoid such situations and make most of the incoming calls you can take support of call answering services.

What is outbound call center service?

On the other, in outbound call center service, call agents do call the target audience and existing customer to improve the brand image as well as generate qualified leads.
Some of the featured services offered by the service provider under this category are as mentioned below:

  • Telemarketing services: Through B2B telemarketing services, businesses can generate and make most of the qualified leads. After all, in this competitive landscape it’s no easy for anyone to overlook and let their competitors go ahead in the competition?
  • Appointment scheduling: Another important aspect of outbound call center service is appointment scheduling. You can reach to the right decision makers simply with the assistance of these call center service providers.
  • Soft lead generation: Despite of undertaking different marketing strategies and campaigns businesses are not able to reach out the target audience in a right manner and convert them into potential leads. Here comes the role of outbound call centers as they save you from such headaches. A team of professionals helps you seize all lucrative opportunities simply by generating qualified business leads for you.
  • Customer survey: Without knowing the exact tastes and preferences of your target audience you can’t bring in the desired changes in your products and service. In order to improve upon your products and services as well as brand image, you need to look for customer feedback. This you can get simply through various customer surveys undertaken by various call centers. And through customer surveys, you can get the required information and do the changes as per customer’s likes and dislikes.  Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the type of services offered by these service providers. They hire a team of well-qualified call agents and train them accordingly. So you don’t have to worry at all.
  • Third party verification: Another compelling service provided by these call center service providers is third party verification. Whether you want to get the information of new employee or customer data verified all you can get done by outsourcing data verification services to these vendors. With years of experience and domain expertise, they get you right information.

Hope the above mentioned difference would have been of some help to you. Hence, before deciding on to outsource call center service do consider the above mentioned points. This ways you will be able to take the right decision for your business and improve on your bottom lines.

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