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Keeping Up With The Latest Mobile Phones Is An Expensive Business

New mobile phones are coming along quicker than ever before. All the big name manufacturers are releasing new models and handset updates at a dizzying rate of knots and for those that crave the latest and greatest piece of kit, it can soon become an expensive business. Mobile phones like the Apple iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy IV are expensive purchases even if bought as part of a contract deal. How can you help mitigate your bank balance and do the environment a favour at the same time? Simple, sell your old mobile phone. Whether you sell to a private individual or use a mobile phone recycling company you will both make some money and prolong the usefulness of your old phone thus saving it from landfill.


Of course, your old mobile phone may have seen better days. It might be a tad beaten up or may, in fact, be totally broken. If this is the case, you’€™ll probably have no joy in selling it to a private buyer but a recycling company will still be willing to take it off your hands for free and may still in fact give you some money for it. If it can be economically repaired, the recycling company will do so and then sell it on, probably in a developing country. If it is not economically viable to repair the handset then you can rest assured that the recycling company will break down the phone and dispose of the various toxic and non-toxic components in an ethical, environmentally friendly, and lawful manner!

So, what about selling the mobile phone privately? The most obvious outlet for this is to use an online auction site, with the most popular of course being eBay. It’€™s sometimes possible to sell the phone for a higher price on such a site as compared to a recycling company but that’€™s only half the story as on completion of the sale you’re then left to stump up the ever increasing fees that these sites seem to levy. There’€™s also the chance that the transaction may go bad and you end up in a war of words with the buyer.

This leads us back to mobile phone recycling companies. There has been an upsurge in such companies in recent years so there are many more options now than there ever were. This does mean that there is also a degree of price variance on offer from the different companies. This being the case, it makes sense to be able to compare the various phone offers from the different companies in order to maximise the amount of money you can make from your old phone.

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Howard is a slave to mobile phones and all other gadgets and thanks to sites such as he can at least recoup a little of his hard-earned.



  1. Ankit Saxena

    January 17, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    In market, every day a new phone launched even the world’s best iPhone Samsung Sony are realised phone every second week.
    But now there is a lots of choice to the people to get
    Nice post .. keep it up

  2. Stephan

    January 20, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    Indeed it;s true story, if you’re not a millionaire or wealthy people, follow technology’s not a good strategy. New phones are released day by day and you should be satisfy with your phone if you don’t want to waste a lot of money.
    thanks for your sharing.


  3. Howard Jason

    January 22, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    Yep. Expensive game indeed. If you do like getting the latest and greatest, it does make sense to sell your old phone as soon as you buy a new one as the price you’ll be able to get for it will drop quite rapidly as it gets older and more come on to the market.

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