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Is your Accountant Competent? Here are TOP 7 QUALITIES to Look Out For

Employers have high expectations of their accountants just as other team members hold them with high respect. Besides the certifications and great education background of that account, you will want to see them use their skills to help your business remain on top amidst the stiff competition all over. They are also expected to have a high degree of accuracy. This is because they are not expected to make mistakes at all in their line of work. You can know whether your accountant has the major qualities that are needed in your organization by considering the following:

1. How Organized is Your Accountant?

Proper organization, neatness and keeping tidy should almost be a natural instinct for an accountant. It is quite imperative. It shows that the accountant is competent, in control of the tasks they are supposed to handle and it is not hard for them to get the job done. An organized accountant knows the organizational tasks that need to be handled urgently and those that can wait. This means that they are able to keep up with paperwork, data, and all other figures so that there will be no time lost when they will be needed. This maximizes productivity in an organization.

2. Great Time-Management Skills

Accountants handle a lot of tasks and if one is not able to manage their time well, there will be piles of work and no time to get the work done. Strong organizational capabilities can only be acquired by accountants who are good time managers. No matter how many tasks they are handling and the decisions they are supposed to make in an organization, being able to budget their time is the most imperative thing to do. This shows that there will be enough time to get through with their schedules.

3. Attention to Detail

Accountants have to be keen on what they are doing because a simple mistake can have a great effect on an organization. Every detail matters and having an eye for them is more important to avoid making mistakes. They use the practical knowledge they have to apply precision in their work. If your accountant gets the things done without being reminded every other time, it means that your business has the perfect person to take it to the next level.

4. Great Communication Skills

It is incredibly valuable for an accountant to be able to communicate well. This is an indication that they will have no trouble interacting with clients, collaborate with their colleagues, and communicating with their employer at any given time. This will help their professional career as well as establish successful connections with the clients; something that is good for business.

5. Flexibility

In their line of work, accountants may encounter many curve balls. Any accountant who experiences them and is able to embrace them no matter the direction they are coming from is not to be ignored. The environments may keep changing and a good accountant will not find it hard to adapt to such changes. This shows that an accountant should be flexible. They will not be taken by surprise if they encounter loopholes that require them to be adaptable.

6. An Accountant Should Be Committed

This one refers to a sense of loyalty from the account. Employers trust their employees with their investments and so they expect nothing but a high degree of commitment from them.

Accountants should love what they do and do it passionately. When they do this and commit to the task at hand, it shows that they have talents. Many companies are looking for such accountants because they define how successful an organization will be.

Committed accountants will help you to identify and even seal loopholes that may lead to financial and investment losses.

7. Tech-Savvy

Modern accounting is almost impossible without proper IT training. Organizations are automating systems so much so that the accountant just needs to know how to work with the various tools provided. For this reason, the modern accountant must be well equipped and knowledgeable on various tools and software used in the fields.

For a long time, MS Excel was a reliable tool used in accounting. However, advancements have been made to include a lot of software is that specifically tailored to for this kind of work. These include tools such as SAGE, Quick books among others. It is important that your accountant is in a position to use these modern tools.


As an employer, ensure that your business’ accountant has these important qualities. They have to put in a lot of effort in order to remain productive in an organization. Besides precision, they will also need to be proactive and creative.
According to TW accounting, “It is always good practice to check reviews & referrals from previous clients before hiring any accountant to help your small business”. These are therefore the kind of qualities employers are looking for in the accountants.

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