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How to Choose the Best POS System for Your Restaurant

With 10+ years of experience in offering design and development of pos system for restaurant, i-Verve INC is leading provider of most popular pos systems for restaurants.

With 10+ years of experience in offering design and development of pos system for restaurant, i-Verve INC is leading provider of most popular pos systems for restaurants.

In a single year, the restaurant industries are making close to $800 billion in sales, restaurateurs know how tough it is for them to be on top of their own restaurant’s finances. Best point of sale (POS) systems for restaurant can help them in right ways.

A high-quality POS system is needed in order to run a restaurant efficiently and reliably. The Top POS systems for restaurant guarantee that an employee can serve customers faster by entering food orders, serving more tables and distributing checks faster. This gives a way to turn tables faster to boost profits without sacrificing good customer service or quality of food.

Quality POS systems also assist in enhancing restaurant management by — unifying purchase of ingredients, maintaining track of the most popular items on the menu, and running reports on important factors of running a restaurant. This means increased productivity without having to resort to a pile of papers to find out particular information.

A POS system also helps in tracking employees to stop them from distributing and stealing complimentary food for their friends. There are so many popular pos systems for restaurants are affordable too which makes it easy for a small to medium-sized business to stay ahead in the competition.

Benefits of Top POS systems

Top POS systems for a restaurant are well-worth the investment because they assist to save time while enhancing management and productivity of a restaurant. A superior POS system guarantees:

User-Friendly System:  High-performance POS systems are developed using the latest technologies which are easy to learn and user-friendly. No matter how often the personnel changes, it is very simple for a new employee to start using your POS system. A POS system also brings a team together by improving communications through email as well as accommodating handheld devices.

State-of-the-Art Customer Service: A quality POS system, simply will not allow personnel to waste time in processing orders and accepting payments. It can also proceed as a total management system for taking reservations, managing special discounts and gift cards, offers, guest paging etc. POS systems are also helpful in reducing kitchen errors which means, all orders will be delivered correctly and in a timely way.

Maximized income: Since a good POS system enhances staff productivity, customer service, and restaurant management tasks, it helps to drastically boost revenues while keeping the costs to the minimum.

After seeing immense benefits of POS system, it is important that you choose POS for your restaurant very carefully and wisely. Below are some points that you need to consider while deciding the best POS for your restaurant:

Outline your restaurant needs: The first point that you should consider before purchasing a POS system identifies the exact needs of your restaurant. You should make a list of all functions and features that you want in a POS system to ensure a smooth process for your customer’s orders. Based on specific requirements, here are some types of POS systems for your restaurant:

1.Entry-level POS system: Perfect for small restaurants that are shifting from a standard cash register.

2.Mid-level POS System: An advance to an entry-level system with additional features. Excellent for growing restaurants.

3.High-level POS System: With this POS system, big restaurants enjoy features of an entry-level system and mid-level system with added features.

Identify the cost of POS system: Many factors affect the cost of a POS System. Choose the simplest one and you will definitely save a lot of money but will be incapable to nurture your business in future. If you plan to buy a system that has all the added features, you might end up wasting money on functionalities you may never use or not even require. To prevent that, you must know the costs related to implementing a POS system, your business goals and requirements.

Research the seller: With numerous POS sellers in the market today, it is suggested to do your own research to find out which one will provide the most suitable and cost-effective POS system for your restaurant. When you ask for the price quotation, make sure to ask for the inclusion of related information including their number of years in the industry and customer reviews.

Consider the Usability of the POS system: The usability issue is very important especially if your personnel are not familiar with the new POS system. As the speed is one of the important requirements in a restaurant, you should make sure that the purchased POS system has user-friendly capabilities and can be managed with least training and supervision, so that your staff can complete the order faster.

Technical Support: Your customers go to a restaurant because they need to satisfy their appetite. Other than the long queues, nothing will irritate them more than an unexpected malfunctioning of the POS system. When such situation occurs, it is important that someone be there with the technical team to help you resolve the issue. This can save your staff from lots of customers’ complaints and headaches in the long run.

User Reviews on Restaurant POS System

Search online blogs, forums and other social platforms for user reviews of POS seller. Remember that reviews should be looked from a big picture viewpoint. Further, if you find one negative review in the midst of dozens helpful, positive reviews, then overlook the negative one. Make sure to have a look at reviews on public websites while keeping overall picture in mind. There’s always one bad apple trying to spoil the whole bunch. That being said, it says a great deal about a company’s customer service if they address those negative reviews timely.

Conclusions: A recent survey conducted by National Restaurant Association reports says 81% of restaurateurs use a POS system. Among those who use it — 4 out of 5 restaurateurs accept the fact that POS systems boost sales, but only 12% restaurateurs consider their operations to be “cutting edge”. The data clearly suggests that not all restaurant owners got the results as per their expectations. This is because each restaurant has a unique set of needs and it is really difficult to find a one-size-fits-all POS solution that matches your needs perfectly. An alternative to this is, developing a customized pos solution. This will ensure that you won’t get stuck with software that doesn’t understand your unique needs.

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