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An Introduction to Solar Control Window Films

In our attempts to make our living as efficient and sustainable as possible, we’re focused on utilizing renewable sources of energy, reducing all kinds of waste and protecting the environment. Solar power has become one of the crucial weapons in this struggle to preserve our planet. We use it to generate the power necessary for numerous aspects of our lives. We use electricity created by the sun, we heat homes, offices, roads and water. Still, sometimes there’s just too much sun for our own sake and we need to find a way to use all the benefits offered, but at the same time stay safe and create healthy environments for work and living.

Window films

Window film is a thin laminate or film, installed on glass surfaces from the inside to protect homes, offices, cars and boats from various negative aspects of being exposed to direct sunshine. Depending on the function they are supposed to perform and the materials used in their construction, such films vary in terms of their composition, durability, and strength.

Conservation of energy

With power and heating costs rising steadily, we are looking into the ways to save as much as possible on heating, cooling and lighting. While solar energy undoubtedly brings a lot of benefits in colder areas and in colder periods, there are also situations where a lot of energy needs to be used to reduce the solar heat gain, especially in the summer. Solar control window films make us less dependent on the HVAC system and help us control temperature more efficiently.

Creating optimal environment

As we all know, sunlight and heat interfere with our attempts to create a comfortable environment. With a reduced amount of heat and optimal use of natural lighting provided by a heat insulation window film, we are able to enjoy greater comfort and productiveness. It is said that the indoor temperature should not exceed 23 degrees if we’re looking for the best conditions to work in.

UV protection

It has been proven that UV light is responsible for faded colors and damage to materials. Although it’s impossible to completely stop the fading process, there are films that reduce the rays by as much as 99.9%. Such films are mainly used to protect displays in shop windows and galleries, but they can also be used to protect our home furniture.

Reduced reflection and glare

Not only is watching a screen or working at a computer with the light on the surface irritating, but it also causes greater eyestrain. Window films eliminate both internal and external reflection because they themselves rarely contain any metal. Also, being barely visible, they don’t affect the appearance of the building in question, nor do they take anything away from the views inside and out.

If you’re considering installing solar control window films, you may wish to hire professionals for this job. They should be able to advise you on the right product for your needs and install it without any hassle. Alternatively, you might decide that this is a DIY project you can carry out without anyone’s help. In that case, make sure you read the instructions carefully and look at many videos available on-line which should guide you through the process.

Whichever approach you choose, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by eliminating the harmful UV lights, reducing the amount of heat and providing necessary privacy.

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Lillian believes that the question of business goes far beyond the maximization of profit through different money-grabbing ploys. Instead, she likes to think that ethical principles should be at the core of every commercial venture, paving the way for much more balanced distribution of wealth on a global scale. As a seasoned business consultant, she tends to advise her clients to always focus on long-term goals and sustainability, rather than on some questionable get-rich-fast schemes.rn



  1. Jessica Laurent

    October 3, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Useful information. The installation of highest quality window films can benefit you in a long run. Solar window films can help reducing glare and UV rays that are perilous for humans.

  2. Katelyn Seng

    February 1, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    Its illegal to tint windshield and front driver/passenger windows where I’m from. A clear option that would still block UVA/UVB would be nice.

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