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Into the World of Graphic Reading

Can you use your tablet to read comics and graphic novels? Yes, definitely. Purists may say that having pages of a book on your hands is an experience that can never be replaced. However, if you are more into flashing your gadget in public and using it for reading graphic novels and comics, here are file formats you should look into. So, get your 3-port USB 3.0 docking station and get your transfer powers in check.



What is it: If you are one of those people who often go to torrent sites to look for various digital files from movies to music, to books, then surely you have encountered this format? These two format types have often been called the ‘pirate’ files as they are usually found on torrent sites. CBR stands for comic book rar while CBZ stands for comic book zip. A lot of graphic novel and comic book authors use these two file formats because of the ease of use for the readers.

Graphic novel/Comic readability: In terms of usage, a lot of graphic novel and comic book authors utilize these two file types in encoding their works into digital formats. In terms of readability, this makes the novel or comic look like a slideshow. You would also need an app to be able to read it thereby it can be rated 8.


What is it: This is an ebook format that is used by Amazon. It can be quite tricky to use as it can be limited when it comes to graphics. But it is said that things are improving for Kindle as this is Amazon’€™s ebook reader. So if you have an Android tablet that is not the Kindle, then do not expect much to be able to use it for your digital graphic novel collection. But yes, you can use the Kindle app on your Android tablet, as well as on your iPad, though, so keep your iPad charging station ready.

Graphic novel/Comic readability: It can be on the low scale of 4 or 5 especially when you use gadgets other than that of the Kindle. However, there are a lot of ebook readers that can recognize this file format easily compared to the others. The graphic novel can be like you would with a digital copy of a book by swiping through the screen to flip the page.


What is it: This is a file format that is unique to the Amazon Kindle. So if you have a Kindle and you have a graphic novel that has this format type then there would be no problem accessing it. The great news is that there are available apps now that can make you access AZW files even if your tablet PC is of a different brand.

Graphic novel/Comic readability: As said earlier, if you are accessing the file through a Kindle reader, then there would be no problems for you to read your favorite graphic novel. The downside for those that do not have a Kindle is that you would have to install a third party app to be able to do so. Readability is in the scale of 6-7.


What is it: This is the most gadget-friendly file as most tablet PCs and ebook readers can recognize this file type. It is made by Adobe Systems and is widely recognized by all brands.

Graphic novel/Comic readability: It can be read easily with a rating of 7 especially when you access it via the Adobe PDF reader. You can easily increase or lessen the screen with the pinch of the finger.

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  2. Sanya

    January 26, 2014 at 1:01 am

    Those are some weird file formats for the laymen that is for sure.

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