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International Travel and Car Insurance: Being Protected Overseas

Whether you are an international businessperson, or simply love to travel in general, making sure that your insurance policy has been properly tailored for your jet setting personality can be difficult.

It can be tricky, finding the right cover for your lifestyle, which involves jumping into planes every so often. Whether you are an international businessperson, or simply love to travel in general, making sure that your insurance policy has been properly tailored for your jet-setting personality can be difficult.

With companies such as, you can find all manner of insurance policies which could easily suit your varying needs. It does not take much in the way of research before you stumble upon an insurance broker which can work for you if you know where to look.

The Definition of Life Insurance for Foreign Travel

The first step towards getting appropriate insurance is to find out exactly how foreign travel is defined by whichever company you happen to be investigating. You will generally find that each one has its own specific definition.

The most typical guideline for foreign travel, however, will usually be something along the lines of “Conventional or business travel outside the United States or Canada for up to 3 months each year.”

For those whose situations require them to travel less than 3 months per year, your insurance company will then have to review what your occupation is, how often your travel, what the purpose for your traveling is, and how long you generally live within each country that you visit.

With regards to those who travel for more than 3 months per year, you will then most likely be considered for Non-US Residence, or Foreign Residence, and will then encounter varying rates which will largely be impacted on the locations which you will be entering and living within.

Determining Travel Risk

The biggest factor determining how travel risk is determined is just exactly where you will be traveling to. There is a list of factors that will come into account:

The Economic Conditions: Each country will have its own economy and way of doing business – that is a given. But there are certain empirical factors which stipulate whether a country’s economy is booming or going into recess.

Disease: Whether there has been an outbreak of flu, or whether a country is suffering from a widespread epidemic, the disease rate within a country will be heavily considered.

Medical Facilities: Just how developed and hygienic the average hospital and clinic in the country you wish to visit is a massive concern.

Cultural Attitudes: Remember that what you and your insurance broker may consider being important and serious, may not be such a concern to another culture, which may indeed impact on how your policy is set up.

War or Civil Unrest: While only a few kinds of careers will lead people into countries shattered by the tragedy of conflict, you may indeed struggle to find a health insurance policy that will be willing to cover you appropriately when entering one of the most dangerous parts of the world, where machinegun fire and hostage taking are commonplace.

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