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Important Blogging Tips

These days it seems like every second person is blogging or wanting to start a blog of some sorts. Some start off with a bang and then peter out over time, others plod along diligently at a steady pace and other simply never get started. What makes some blogs more successful than others and what is it that keeps readers coming back for more? A few key pointers in the very beginning might prove to go a long way to getting you on the right track and keeping you there.


Whilst there are several blogging platforms one can choose from the most formidable one currently is WordPress. The beauty of WordPress lies in its versatility and easy to use design. It not only provides you with a blogging platform, but can also be used to design websites without having to pay a licensing fee. A myriad of free templates are available to choose from and for a nominal fee one is also able to purchase impressive templates from companies offering these services.

Before jumping in head first, be sure to spend some time considering your main area of focus and select a theme accordingly. Come up with a few different names for your blog. This is very important as your first option may already be in use by another user. If you are starting a website, think of a few different domain names and register it with a reputable hosting company.

Remember that quality is king, so when you do start writing make sure that the content is interesting, applicable and original. Paramount is practice, so practice, practice, practice. Aim to have at least 10 good quality posts up on your blog before publicising it. This way, if you have a change of heart after the first few posts, there will be no embarrassment in having to do a complete one eighty. Imagine having started blogging about your experiences surrounding an iPhone casino only to discover after a few posts that you no longer have anything to write about and would much rather write about organic produce. Once you have reached a point where you are ready to advertise your blog be sure to announce your articles on the social media networks which you belong to. It really isn’t necessary to promote each and every post as people will tire of the constant stream of ‘adverts’, but rather select a few choice pieces from time to time and you’re more likely to have a favourable response.

And finally, be consistent. It is far easier to lose traffic than to build up traffic. Value your subscribers, listen to what they have to say, but always remain true to yourself.

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  1. Gary Diaz

    September 16, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    We are in the blogging industry and this article is so useful.Really a lot of stuff to learn from these people.

  2. Jerralyn Tanoc

    September 21, 2013 at 3:08 am

    I agree, blogging is one of effective tool to promote our businesses. Thank you for sharing theses tips!

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