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Implementing a Micro Content Strategy? 6 Ideas to Consider

Microcontent has become the latest buzzword and is certainly the next big thing. Almost everything in content marketing today is evolving and diversifying around micro-content and its practical applications for marketing. Are you also reaching out to your prospects via this approach? Do you find it hard to cater to their requirements? Well then, this blog post is definitely for you as below, we have mentioned different ideas you must consider when implementing a microcontent strategy. In addition, you must also note that while integrating micro-content into a wider content marketing strategy, it’s the type of content and the platform with which it’s shared, the principal remaining the same.

Targeted prospects

One of the most crucial factors when devising any content marketing strategy is to consider whom to target. Let your message revolve around your audience and make it about them, always. Empathise with them, shed light on their pain points, provide them with a solution and you are good to go. As it is, your audience won’t enjoy you bragging about yourself incessantly!

Have something to offer

The second thing to make sure is to always offer something to your audience. Let your content serve a purpose. The purpose can be different each time and shall range from educating them, entertaining them, inspiring them, or connecting with them.

Brevity is the key

Conciseness and exactness in terms of what information you deliver to your audience are required. Make your micro-content short enough that it becomes a part of your audience’s daily routine. In addition, spread the word in different ways such as tips, updates, quotes, headlines, horoscopes, sports scores, and others such. Moreover, make sure to include key phrases which are SEO friendly and link them whenever required.

Think social and mobile  

As known, it is the social media and mobile which are driving towards the change hence creating content which fits the small screen and is ideal for audience consumption while on the go should be considered. Develop themes of content to open areas for brainstorming the details. The more consistent, lower will be the cost and ease of repetition.

Curate, curate and curate

Most often, your content idea is the share of somebody else’s stuff which might be useful to your audience. And, it can’t get more social than that! As it is, it helps you build a trusted network and grow naturally.

Never forget CTA

CTA or call to action is where the business lies! After all, why are you putting in all efforts in drawing your visitors? To gain visibility and maximize profits. So, make sure the majority of the information imparted by you entails a relevant and compelling call to action. However, it’s not necessary that every tweet, Facebook status or Instagram post requires a link back but once in a while, it should.

The takeaway

Today, everything is about designing ways for building your brand and implementing those in front of your audience and prospects to build credibility and trust among them. So, consider the aforementioned ideas and incorporate the same into your marketing strategy to avail maximum benefits. Moreover, when implementing any content strategy for your eLearning business, make sure to use authoring tools as these are quite efficient and effective and help in carrying out operations with ease. In case you don’t wish to purchase a subscription right away, you can opt for free eLearning authoring tools. After satisfactory usage, you may opt for a subscription if you wish.

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