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Impacts of Technology in Our Daily Lives

There is no doubt that technology has changed our lives. All spheres of an individual spanning from social, economic, and even religious have had an impact. The response towards change in technology has been positive among individuals who have already accepted that carrying out activities with the current technology has made things more effective and efficient. Whether the advancement in technology has brought more positives or more negatives changes is a debate but is universally agreed that there have drastic changes in lives as illustrated below.


With the emergence of E-cigarettes, you don’t have to burn dead plant matter to inhale nicotine, which has for a longer period been regarded as a risk to the health of an individual. You can now steam raw plant materials at moderated temperatures where you will inhale components of these plants such as fats, oils, food, dissolved food, water, and limited nicotine. Vaping is currently a trend as it is giving smokers a chance to select the best vape juice box and all kind of flavors that one can use. This explains why a significant number of individuals have quit lighting of dead plant matter to vaping of plant materials such as leaves, stems, and fruits among others.


We cannot discuss the impact of technology on our lives without mentioning dating as a core aspect of the life of an individual. It is evident that most of the individuals need either a sex partner or somebody they can spend life together with and make a family. The problem is that looking for such a person takes time due to work commitments, varying tastes, and preferences among individuals. However, technology has made all these things more comfortable. There are thousands of online platforms where you can meet a sex partner and others where you can meet a person to spend life with. Some of these platforms are free while others you have to pay a subscription fee so that you can access them.


The days of sending love letters are long gone. You can now communicate with your loved one or friend who is on the other side of the planet, let alone the one in the next city. Advancement in communication technology has been so rapid to the extent that individuals are not using everything that has been innovated for communication purposes. The best thing about advancement in technology is that there are several communication options that you can choose from. You can send text messages, audio versions, and even video communication. Communication is fast, instant, and cheap which has made the world to change rapidly.


From touring to clubbing and everything that falls under the entertainment category, you would agree that there have been tremendous changes. You can now watch movies on the phone while at the same time booking a room in the nearby five-star hotel where you want to spend the weekend with your friends. You can as well watch the latest Netflix and BBC iPlayer in your mobile devices or other electronic gadgets such as laptops and tablets. Mobile gaming seems to be capturing the imagination of the youths and adults as well. There are a plethora of other and more advanced entertainment methods that individuals can see.

Technology and workplace

The manner in which organizations operate has experienced significant changes some of which are beyond recognition. Most of the production works are now handled by robots. It’s very rare to find hundreds of employees working in factories. Artificial intelligence designed programs and machines handle most of the task. The role of human beings is to instruct and monitor. These machines are working for 24/7 increasing the production of the company with more than 200%. It has been appreciated across the board that machines do not need to rest and sleep like human beings making them the best option to handle most of the activities in the company.

This analysis just highlights some of the areas where the lives of individuals have been changed by technology. Other areas such as agriculture, medicine, transport, and construction industry have all experienced a significant number of changes. It is important to embrace technology as it is increasing production, reducing waste, and lowering the cost of production.

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