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HTC Replace Apple iPhone As The Most Sought-After Smartphone

htc-desireA recent study has revealed that the iPhone no longer belongs to the top five of most sought after smartphones in the United Kingdom. According to the Mobile Tracker, which ranks consumer’s favourite handsets based on live searches and sales, the HTC now dominates the top three positions while the iPhone has slipped down to sixth place. With plenty of similarities between the iPhone and other smartphones, the change in status has been attributed to style and cost by some analysts. The main advantage Apple holds over its rivals is probably in the tens of thousands of apps available for download in the Apple Store although other Android powered smartphones appear to be gradually catching up in that area.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the HTC Desire comes first on the league table, followed by HTC Desire HD and HTC Wildfire. Since it launch in October 2010, HTC Desire has been heralded as an example of the best Android OS has on offer with its numerous functionalities in addition to access to thousands of apps. With the likes of the HTC Desire raking in positive reviews on a regular basis, Apple cannot afford to sit back. Already, there are talks of the imminent launch of a new iPhone version this summer. Whether that is enough to stem the tide remains to be seen. You can see the full list of top 10 mobile handsets according to the survey.

Top 10 Mobile Handsets

  1. HTC Desire
  2. HTC Desire HD
  3. HTC Wildfire
  4. Blackberry Curve 8520
  5. Samsung Galaxy S
  6. Apple iPhone 4 (16Gb)
  7. Motorola DEFY
  8. BlackBerry Torch 9800
  9. Nokia C3
  10. Nokia N8

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What makes alternative smartphones such as Android-powered HTC phones so attractive to consumers?

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