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How Tumblr Can Prove To Be An Incredible Tool For Your Business

Especially for the new and small business owners, it can be really challenging to make an amazing web presence for their businesses. They might not find it easy to keep the customers informed about the fresh content of their company, and to allure new people to their site. Hence, if you too have been dealing with such issues, Tumblr can be an incredible solution to what you are looking for.

Free and Simple Web Presence for Your Business

You might have realized the great need of having a website for your business. However, it can be really confusing and difficult for you to avail one, if you have no technical idea in this context. Yet, no problem, as with Tumblr it takes only few minutes to set up your own page online and to start putting appealing content on it.

You don’€™t need to be an efficient programmer with too much of technical skills, as even a lay man can use it very efficiently to meet his business’ requirement. Besides, there is no initial outlay that you need to pay. What more you could have asked for?

To add to that, there are numerous captivating themes and templates that can be easily configured and customized to enhance the look and feel aspect of your website. These free Tumblr themes and templates can be easily searched and downloaded online.

Enhance and Analyze the Traffic to Your Site

One of the biggest issues with the social media posts is that people need to be logged into their respective accounts to find and search those posts. However, that is not the case with Tumblr. Tumblr blogs can simply be searched, found, and accessed from the search engines directly. No doubt, this will enhance the visibility and ranking of your business site.

Hence, you can always expect increasing number of visitors to your Tumblr site. Besides, Tumblr makes it easy for you to check and analyze the traffic to your site, as it is interlinked with Google Analytics too. Therefore, with every passing day, you can yourself analyze the enhancing number of visitors to your business site and hence more exposure and benefits to your business.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile View

You already have your business website. However, the problem is that, it isn’t friendly for the mobile users. No problem, as Tumblr can help you even in this context. Tumblr provides you an alluring site that is easily navigable and usable for mobile user too, without requiring you to spend your time and resources. In matter of minutes, you can avail an efficient website for your business that is well suited for mobile use too.

Tumblr has made it really simple and efficient for most of the business owners like you to enhance the web-visibility of their businesses. It’€™s an incredible tool, and is much more advantageous than other social media tools in numerous ways. Hence, you may start utilizing its incredible benefits to enhance the visibility and popularity of your business online.

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Carla Wilson is a social media marketing expert, who has been making use of various social platforms for variety of reasons. He gives wonderful social media tips for increasing Twitter followers and Facebook likes.



  1. Yogiraj mishra

    February 17, 2014 at 7:22 am

    NO doubt it can but yet it’s hard to manage tumblr blog’s designs

  2. Abhinav

    April 22, 2014 at 7:34 am

    Thats True Tumblr Can Really Enhance The Traffic As It Did For My Blog Too Thanks

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