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How to Turn your Best Memories into Cool Decoration


Memories are arguably the only thing people love to hold on to while they go on with their lives. Whether they are in the form of visuals (pictures, videos) or small notes. This is why people look forward to storing these memories in the longer run. However, it can be a difficult task, especially if you are new to this.

Decorating a home can be a very expensive activity. People tend to spend thousands of dollars on their overpriced decoration items to make their room look nice. They love to give the house a beautiful look so that people when visiting the house, ask about the items. While you can get similar items from elsewhere to relate them to your memories, it is always suggested to try different decoration methods to give their memories a new outlook.

2D frames

Whether it is a random picture from your gallery or the picture of your favorite football club, it is best to keep it close to you. There are numerous different 2D frames available that people can use to decorate their rooms and hallways. Just get a nice resolution picture, that’s close to your heart, printed out. The next thing you would need is a cool frame that goes well with the picture. Make sure that the frame complements the picture, or else it would be a waste of money.

Kitchen gallery

Although some people might feel that photo frames and family photos are limited to living rooms, it is not always the case. Kitchen gallery is a new and innovative idea that people can use to give their kitchen a rather new outlook. The kitchen will look far more appealing than the normal ones. You can have memorable pictures in the kitchen to enhance the cool decoration.

Gallery wall

This might be a regular activity in most homes. A gallery wall is an ideal idea that can help people decorating their homes in a new fashion. Just get along some of the most memorable pictures of your friends, family, and companions. You can try about different collages and frames in order to make it look more catchy. Surf through the internet to get some new designs along.

3D printing

Everyone tends to spend hours watching over their old photos and reliving the memories. There is no better way of giving your memories a fresh outlook than by decorating them nicely. The new 3D printing helps people to decorate their rooms in a better manner. If you have a memorable picture with your friends and/or family that you wish to give a new look, then 3D printing is definitely the way to go.

Article by Pops 3D printing – a new website that helps people in getting a new 3D to innovate models. They print project images that have 3D effects to the left and right of your eyes. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Edward brown

    March 17, 2020 at 5:16 pm

    Seeing the best things in front of us… it would be the best thing to happen… thanks for sharing I must have to try… 🙂

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