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How to Stay Warm Through a Cold Winter

Does the thought of getting through another freezing winter make a cold shiver run down your spine? If it does, you are not alone. Winter is by far most people’s least favorite season with its short days, long nights, freezing temperatures, and the potential for adverse weather, including snow.

Keeping warm indoors does not need to be expensive, a problem many homeowners encounter when their energy bills start arriving. Increased usage due to running their heating systems can cause a significant spike in utility costs. Here are some ways to stay warm without breaking your budget:

Reconsider your heating needs

Your heating system might not be as efficient as you think, leading to increased energy consumption. Many homeowners find that a conventional heating system maintains a consistent temperature throughout the house. However, on those extra cold days and nights, they heat certain rooms with the help of free-standing electric radiators from Technotherm, Ecostrad iQ, or BestElectricRadiators. BestElectricRadiators has a range of free-standing and wall-mounted radiators, with something to suit every homeowner’s needs, tastes, and budget. Its radiators come in different dimensions to ensure buyers get one that will effectively heat any room size. Due to its affordable pricing and sleek, modern designs, BestElectricRadiators has become a growing brand in the home radiator industry.

By using free-standing heaters, you can turn down the temperature settings on their heating systems, which saves on energy consumption and bills. These appliances allow you to focus most of their heating on communal areas, such as the sitting room.

Harness solar power

While having a solar-power electrical system would save homeowners a fortune in energy bills, this is not the only way to take advantage of the sun’s power. Many rooms in a home get plenty of sunshine daily, and a helpful way to use it is ensuring that curtains and blinds are open to let it in. Regardless of how weak the sun might seem, it warms a room effectively.

The trick is to retain that warmth by closing blinds and curtains once the sun stops streaming in through your windows. Glass is an insulator, and much warmth will be lost as cold air permeates a room. Closed blinds and drapes act as insulators, trapping warmth within a room and not allowing cold air to enter.

Layer up

The best way to keep warm indoors and outdoors is dressing in layers. There is nothing worse than feeling too hot or too cold in an environment. Dressing in layers helps people prevent that as they can peel off some clothes when it gets warm or add some more should they get cold.

Moving between environments with vastly different temperatures is one of the leading causes of people getting ill during the wintertime. Therefore, they should be dressed to match any room or outdoor temperature. Thick coats and woolly hats are ideal for outdoor use, although keeping a hat on indoors is also an easy way to keep warm. Much body heat escapes via the head, and insulating it with a hat will prevent that.

Eat well

There is nothing quite as comforting as a delicious bowl of soup or stew on a cold winter’s day. A hot meal or beverage warms you up from the inside, a most delightful feeling. A quick search online reveals some healthy, nutritious recipes that even the most inexperienced cooks can prepare.

Cooking during the week might be a challenge for those that work long hours. However, this problem can be solved by cooking in bulk whenever possible and keeping a supply of frozen meals handy for those nights when there is insufficient time to prepare food. It is far healthier than calling for takeout and also saves money.

Remain active

While it might be tempting to go into a form of hibernation during the long, freezing winter months, it is unhealthy. Experts advise that people adjust their exercise routines to suit the winter conditions but continue doing physical activities. It improves your blood circulation and raises body temperature.

A few exercises warm up your body almost immediately, keep people fit, and chase those winter blues away by releasing doses of serotonin into your system. Consider activities such as gym workouts and yoga during winter as they are done indoors.

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