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How to Start Your Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing is a great career that can be customized and adapted to suit your interests, your speed, and your needs. You can work for yourself, you can work for others, you can take it on full-time, or you can manage a few clients at a rate that suits you. Digital marketing means understanding traditional marketing and how it can be best translated for new digital infrastructure. It is also one of the few fields that can change drastically in just a few short years. TikTok is not taking over, for example, and NFTs are gaining traction, not only do you need to understand the basics, but you need to be there at the forefront of trends and new tools so that your clients or employer can stay ahead of the curve.

A digital marketing career is not simple, no matter what you may think. It requires a lot of dedication, passion, and understanding of the digital infrastructure. While some can learn on the go, others need a boost when it comes to making the leap into digital marketing.

This guide can help you find what works for you, but one thing will always remain consistent, and that is the need to continually learn and adapt.

You never want to fall behind as a digital marketer. In fact, that is why you get paid in the first place. Staying on top of it all can be daunting, but with this guide, you’ll be able to create a lasting foundation and know-how to stay on top of all the big changes as they come:

Find a Career-First Digital Marketing Degree

You can, of course, learn on the job in marketing, but this takes a long time, and if you want to kickstart a new career in marketing, you don’t want to start right from the bottom. The good news is that you can always use previous experience to help you stand out in the job market, but without that marketing know-how, you won’t get any bites for your job applications.

That is where a digital marketing master’s comes in. You can complete a great, career-centric masters in marketing online and graduate fully prepared for a new career. When it comes to what you want your degree to include, always look for the options that cover both marketings from a creative and analytical approach.

This means you need to be trained in brand storytelling and campaign creation just as much as you need to be taught analytics and consumer insights. As a bonus, choose a degree that certifies and trains you in all the top tools used by digital marketers today like Hootsuite and Google Analytics.

You want to speed through everything you would have learned slowly and work your way up in this career, and then use your existing experience to really stand out as unique expertise with both industry and marketing skills.

Though you can, of course, go for an undergraduate degree in marketing if you are just starting out, know that this is not how you stand out. If anything, you’ll be better off going for a different approach and getting trained in psychology, sociology, business management, or anything else and then working your way up through marketing. You don’t even need to work in marketing at the start, either. Being specialized means you can later earn that master’s and then enter the job market with a unique and valuable skillset.

Staying Trained and Up to Date

When it comes to marketing, you need to stay up to date with what is going on in the world. This means, first and foremost, what tools customers are using today and how to use them well. Every social media platform threw companies when they were first launched, but being able to adapt quickly often means a huge influx in customers and an improved brand image overall.

You need to try out and become familiar with every platform as it comes and goes. Not every platform will be worth investing in, but once it starts to see significant users, you need to be on it.

Staying up to date can mean downloading and using various platforms. It can mean reading and follow up on reports. It can mean going to talks and conferences or just listening to what kids today think will become the next big thing.

Staying trained and up to date is how you will impress employers when you first start out and how you will really build a thriving career down the line.

How to Nail Your First Job

When it comes to starting a new digital marketing career, know that there will be some hiccups. It’s natural. Marketing is one of those careers that employers heavily rely on your portfolio for, so not having years upon years of professional experience can set you back when you first get started.

That is part of the reason why having the right degree is so important. The right degree works to help you create an excellent portfolio that you can use to help win over potential employers, even if you don’t have existing marketing experience.

Don’t just stop there, however. You can always market on your own behalf. Taking on personal projects opens so many doors and allows you to really solidify what you are learning in your degree. Done right, you may even be able to grow a significant enough of an audience to use them to kickstart your own business.

Having thousands of followers and an active readership is going to help you nail your first job far more than even professional experience will because you aren’t just someone who has built up an audience; you are someone who commands an audience.

This, alongside ongoing training and a real, in-depth understanding of the marketing world, as it is today, can help you get that first job and kickstart your thriving new career in marketing. All you need from there is to use your marketing experience to sell yourself as a candidate and win over employers left, right, and center.

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