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How To Set Up A Successful Dog Walking Business

There are currently more than 83 million dogs in the US alone, making them extremely popular pets among single individuals and families alike. If you are thinking of launching your very own dog business, there are a few steps to keep in mind to ensure you are on the right track to success. Knowing how to start a dog walking business starting a dog walking business what you should know pet-sitting business plan ideas salary how to run business startup pros and cons starting an on-demand dog walking business dog walking app development what y is essential before launching a local or online solution for prospective customers or those in your local community.

Create a Solid Business Plan

Create a solid business plan that outlines an overview of your dog walking business and how you intend to grow and scale as you build your client base.

Calculate Your Revenue and Potential Earnings

Consider the revenue you expect to get while calculating potential earnings you are capable of generating once you go live with your dog walking business. If you are planning or running the operation solely on your own, it is important to factor in the overall costs of developing your website, registering trademarks, filing licenses, and managing your clientele via a mobile app or an in-house email system.

Expansion and Employees

If you plan to develop a mobile app and go online while expanding out of your local area, consider the cost of hiring new employees as well as outreach programs to help with finding those in need of work. Managing employees requires a complete understanding of labor laws and time management to ensure you are able to keep your business running and on track.

Market Research

Researching the current competition nationally or locally is one of the most important steps to take before launching a dog walking business of your own. Conduct market research to determine whether or not you currently have competition locally and regionally throughout your state.

Try to learn more about each individual competing for business in your area to discover about their operation style and how they manage to attract clients while remaining open for business. Seek out what your competition is charging for dog walking services and whether or not they provide one-time services or if a long-term agreement is required to get started with the services they offer. Is your competition based locally or do they have a downloadable smartphone app available for on-demand service? How does your competition reach their intended audience? Is their marketing strategy reliant on word of mouth or do they currently advertise using search engines, third-party ad servers, or social media?

Download and test various dog walking apps available that are relevant to your consumer base and your local area. Make a list of the features each application provides and determine which are most useful to your target audience and the demographics you want to reach.

Spend time browsing and reviewing the social media pages of your top competitors to gain valuable insight into the inner workings of their marketing campaigns and current strategies. Does your competition interact directly with consumers or do they have a professional social media manager handling questions and inquiries? Is it possible to contact your competitor via social media or only through their official website and downloadable app? How do you plan to respond to potential clients who are genuinely interested in learning more about your dog walking business and what it entails?

Launch Successful Marketing Campaigns

After you have a complete understanding of how your competition advertises and markets their business, begin planning your dog walking marketing strategy. Use A/B testing when launching search or third-party ads along with social media campaigns to learn more about the effectiveness of each individual ad you promote.

Test various messaging tactics to gain valuable insights into which type of marketing works best for those who are interested in dog walking services. Optimize your ad campaigns as you begin collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from each campaign you launch. Focus on the ages, locations, and genders of those who interact with your ads the most to allocate more of your marketing budget to your optimal consumers.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Use social media to your advantage by gaining a following of locals who want to learn more about your dog walking business. Share photos and video media of the services you provide along with testimonials from clients who are satisfied with your business. Respond to prospective clients while building a sense of community among those who are seeking a dog walking business they can trust and rely on with their beloved pets.

Pros of Developing an On-Demand Dog Walking App

Developing an on-demand dog walking application allows for more opportunity to grow and expand which is ideal if you have plans to scale your dog walking business regionally or even nationally. Some of the most notable advantages of developing a dog walking app include:

  • Appear professional and trustworthy to new prospective clients who are seeking dog walking services
  • Motivate clients to learn more with the ability to contact you from any location
  • Provide reassurance to clients of your availability with a mobile app
  • Grow and scale your business regionally and even nationally with an app that provides quick and easy access

Build an online community to strengthen the trust and bond you have with loyal clients while gaining additional referrals from family members and friends of your customers

Cons of Developing an On-Demand Dog Walking App Solution

Before developing an on-demand dog walking app solution, there are a few disadvantages to remember in order to prevent potential issues from arising. Some cons of developing an on-demand dog walking app include:

  • You will require extensive development, security, and privacy IT team to build, manage, and scale your dog walking business.
  • Additional expenses are involved to maintain an on-demand dog walking business app.
  • Employees, IT staff, and web developers are all necessary to properly launch and manage a downloadable app.
  • Extreme competition is possible as the mobile app market continues to evolve and become saturated with new free service apps each day.
  • Security and privacy concerns.

Launching an application that allows users to share personal information, payment details, and sensitive data is vulnerable to potential hacks and security breaches. Maintaining a safe and secure application at all times is essential to prevent your app from being removed from the online marketplace or having your dog walking business shut down altogether or financially ruined.

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1 Comment

  1. Edward brown

    March 14, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    Oh… its a cool idea… never thought of it… thanks for sharing 🙂

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