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How to Move Your Offline Business into Online Space

The pandemic has given a new perspective on life to many. What is interesting to see is the quick shift of the offline world to the online. From education to shopping, learning to earning, the world has extended itself to the digital. Today, the advantages of online business have come in light more than ever. If you too are wondering about going the eCommerce way, COVID is a wake-up call for you. Below are a set of steps to get you started.


Scaling your business to the online world could be a great way to rebrand your business. You can take this chance to revamp your logo, revisit your mission, and identify a broader target population. Therefore, you must begin right.

An audit or business analysis could help you analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and arrange your plans accordingly. If you know what strategies and ideas work best for you, you’ll be able to replicate or improvise them better for your virtual endeavor. Carrying your operational issues to the new space is always a big mistake.

Know your customers

The next thing to bring clarity on is the nature of customers that you will be catering to. Are you looking forward to spreading your customer base? Are you planning to work with a new demographic altogether?

Going digital can provide you with an excellent opportunity to expand your work, which wasn’t possible with your brick and mortar business. Once you have decided on the target population, research their needs and requirements, and how your services and products can deliver to them. Establishing this relationship will allow you to develop better operations and marketing plans for your audience.

Build a website

Once you’re done with the background work of the new plan, you need to start working on securing your online space. Get a domain name for the business, which is ideally your original business name. Invest sufficient time for this step as the name is the first thing to trigger an impact.

After that, look for an appropriate platform to host your websites. Different forms of business take to different channels to make their niche online. Therefore, look into the industry that you are a part of and build a website accordingly.

Content and Designing

Content and designing are like the interior of your real-time showroom. It should be built for easy accessibility and navigation. The website should be creative and vibrant to retain the viewer’s attention.

Your website is the only connecting platform between you and customers. Therefore, it must convey the right message and image across to the other side. Provide accessible communication channels to get in touch and facilitate smooth feedback channels to establish trust and accountability.

Payment method

Setting up a payment method is another area of concern if you’re moving online. How many times have you aborted the shopping process just because the payment took too much time? A convenient and quick payment gateway will ensure that the customers finish their purchase and revisit the website later.

With several online payment apps and methods emerging every day, it will not be a hard step to conquer. However, make sure that your payment method aligns with the most used approach by your target population. For example, young people might prefer online payments; however, the older generation might find cash on delivery much more trustworthy.


Moving to online is an opportunist marketing move and could bring you great benefits. Make sure that you announce your arrival beforehand, to attract a wider audience. Spread the word through emails, advertisements, and social media.

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