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How to Manage Clients in a Salon

“A client is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”-– Mahatma Gandhi.

Clients are the soul of every business. Neglecting them will let you pay in the long run in the form of failure. Keeping their satisfaction level intact is a must to make them loyal to your brand and turning them into brand ambassadors.

If you are not managing the clients and are not caring about their satisfaction, then, in turn, do not expect them to give importance to your products and services.

True… Right?

It will be beneficial for you if you will realize it soon; otherwise, get ready to face the consequences.

Providing high-quality service can win the client’s heart and will make your presence noticed in this competitive world.

There are significant factors that are critical for establishing a strong client base- effective client management and the strategies you are following to keep them engaging in your business.

It is said that one loyal client’s worth is ten times more than the first purchase. Even, it is also examined that acquiring new clients is 6 to 7 times more expensive than managing the existing one.

The focus of any business is to discover and meet client requirements. Keeping client value at every stage of the marketing procedures helps your company to assure adequate client satisfaction and boost the long term relationships with more client retention rate.

We are here to give you those tricks that can help you to manage the clients effectively in your Salon. Like every other business, the Salon business is also facing the issues of satisfying the clients. Because the digital age has higher the demands of clients, and they are anticipating the Salons to fulfill their growing expectations adequately.

You must have heard “more is always less” – this is the current marketing strategy has become. The conventional rules are not more powerful but are obsolete.

Their interest lies more in Online management software because these actions generate trust through the reviews they receive from their family or friends.

We can say that if you want to see your Salon business rising every day, you need to set up the business by keeping the customer’s expectations in mind. Some strategies or ethics that can manage the attraction of clients to the Salon are:

  • Effective Communication
  • Living up to the expectations
  • Professional competence
  • Prudent use of beauty products
  • Exceptional service and experience

The above-mentioned skills should be put in your to-do list to give your client’s the best experience they ever had. And, if you furnish the services according to their taste, then it is evident that they will prefer your services above your competitors.

How Specific!!

Though it is known that it takes consistent practice and time to refine the desired skills. But, it is not a complex task that cannot be fulfilled. You only need to act brilliantly with the usage of productive features that can make your task seamless. Keeping that in mind, let’s start with the aim behind this article.

Tips to Manage your Salon clients

Appointment Management

Managing the appointments of any business is a tough job to execute. The conventional methods (paperwork, especially) cannot give your business a potential success. Even the clients do not like to call to book the appointments. They prefer to go with the online Salon Software to make their tasks seamless. It is noticed that most of the appointments are booked after business hours. This Salon software has all the extensive features that have the ability to enhance your Salon adequacy. If you entertain the customers according to their convenient time and request services, then no one can stop you from managing the customers definitely. With the appointment scheduling software, the employees can connect easily with the clients anywhere and anytime. The customers can mention the available time slots to schedule their appointments with them. Salon staff and employees can accordingly check their free time and fix the appointments and provides the services to the customers seamlessly.

Personal consultation

Providing personal consultation to the clients (existing or new) is undoubtedly provide you tremendous benefits. Every client might have some problems, either related to beauty or hair, guiding them with the ideas that can let you gain their confidence and trust. It is always worth it. It is not rocket science that one should feel dicey to start with. It will keep them more interacted, and they will feel that you care for them. Give them reasons to choose you!!

Even, provide them with the training that they can follow in their lifestyle to maintain their style and extensive treatment. You can correct them if they are using the wrong manners and make them converted so that they can revisit you.

Prepaid and Credit

Use the powerful Salon management software and authorizes your customers to pay easily without any hassles. Get the payment quickly in your bank or wallet account after selling the products. The smart software solution discovers tax liability without any problems to make it easy for you to manage the prepaid and postpaid payment. This system displays the received and pending payments of each client and, therefore, handles your finances in just a click. It showcases comprehensive reports on the financing and accounting so that you can trace the finances and accordingly reduces the failures if persists. Some of the best Salon software provides the advanced credit control with which the clients can redeem the coupons and can enjoy the other financial benefits that Salon provides.

The other thing that software amalgamates is that it notifies to the clients and businesses regarding the pending payments, if any, to control the finances correspondingly.

Reward and points

Encourage your clients to stay with you for longer by rewarding them with some extra points. You can ask your existing customers to refer your Salon to others or in their circle to enjoy the services your Salon is providing. The most convenient method is to use Salon software to have fruitful results. It calculates the loyal customers to whom you can offer rewards points and discounts. Considering the clients as the primary key to business growth will let you gain more benefits and enhances the customer satisfaction rate. Using this software solution can make potential customers transparent to the business. Accordingly, they provide rewards points and strengthen their customer base.


Marketing your Salon’s products and services in a healthy and smart way can bring in more clients to your door. Here, Salon software came as the aid that keeps your products and services online so that the clients can buy them promptly and enhance your marketing rate. Prioritizing the customer’s interests and preferences is a must if you want to see your Salon business to the next level. The Salon software provides the insight reports that display the current graphs of your Salon. That figures are beneficial in fulfilling your business requirements and maintaining a strong customer base. The software follows the digital marketing trends that define the strategies that are helpful in business promotion and for getting more customers. There is an alert system that is helpful for customers and owners for the daily activities to get to know each other appropriately.

Value a Client’s Time

A client’s time is the most valuable asset in any business. Make sure it is on top of everything. Time and quality of services are two elements that are equally important and non-negotiable. Quality of services must have justification with the time spent over it. A busy salon is an excellent indicator of business success, but a long queue waiting for their turn endlessly can back-fire as well.

It is your responsibility to accommodate the optimum level of clients at a given time to avoid confusion and frustration of employees.

Stay Connected

Do not let any stone unturned and stay connected with the customers whenever possible. The software has given us numerous ways through which you can keep yourself connected with your clients.

Sending them a festive, birthday, and anniversary wishes make your customers feel happy and pampered. These are subtle ways by which they will remember your business. Additionally, sending them some exclusive invites and discount coupons through text messages and emails can make you experience an increased footfall of clients at your doorstep.

Strong customer database

Keep your customer database robust and precise by storing their credentials (especially email addresses). There is a possibility that some of the customers do not prefer to leave their personal information with you. You need to convince them and assure them that this will only provide benefits for them.

Executing this, they can get the timely offers and discounts your Salon is currently providing. You can interact and communicate with them whenever possible for their issues or generally for encouraging them. For this task, you can take benefit from the Salon software that can integrate the required details in few clicks itself.

Prioritize blogging

Blogging is the tried and tested method to attract more clients to your Salon. The trick here is to integrate only those blogs that are according to the client’s preferences. And particularly those that can enhance customer engagement. It is just like giving a piece of free advice to those who need it. The readers will surely appreciate it. Blogging integrates ideas, general information, and feedback. This strategy will make you establish a robust relationship and for growing more customers. Here, in this strategy, you are yourself a master that does not have to follow some protocols to execute. You can also post some of the guest blogs to be on the leading Salon magazine and to have remarkable feedback.

Set up a loyalty program

Win your potential client’s hearts by setting up the loyalty programs. If you already are organizing the loyalty programs and are not getting the required results, then you need to spice it up with the other features to make it more worthy. But, keep them simple, adequately scheduled, well-organized. For instance, you can offer facial and hair cut free with the spa and waxing. The manner of rewarding them with the point system can also work for you. This assures the fact that they will come back to you.

Capture leads

Integrate contact form on your website if you have not integrated yet. There is a possibility that several web visitors are not able to get in touch with you to entertain your Salon’s services. The clients nowadays prefer to fill in the details on the contact widgets instead of phone calls or any other traditional means. If your Spa business does not follow this manner, then there are chances that your eminent clients got disinterested and move to another website and never come back. You can go with an eBook, free consultation, and a guide to make it easy for them to understand what your spa is offering.

Over To You

Nurturing a customer relationship is one aspect of the business while running a profitable business is another aspect of the same coin.

There is no doubt that anyone can be the salon owner in the world. But if you fail to connect with your clients and could not deliver their demands, then it is natural that they are not going to refer your business to their friends. Neither there is any chance of clients coming back to avail of your salon services again.

As a responsible salon owner, proper training to your team and making them aware of significant customer responsibilities are necessary. Such ethics will guarantee in customer retention and feasible management of your salon clientele.

In a nutshell, it is all about creating a productive habit and following it systematically. Yes. Consistency is the key, but above all, Customer satisfaction is the base of a successful business. Keep them happy and engaging for long term success and repeat business. Remember, that-only customers can create value. If you don’t have a customer, then you don’t have a business!!

Hopefully, our article is helpful to you! If we have missed any other important point, then let us know in the comment section below. We will really appreciate if you have some queries and suggestions. Please feel free to ask!! Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Emmanuel Chibuikem

    January 29, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    Also get workers who would embody these traits. You wont be there all the time so you need to be sure your customers are treated right even in your absence.

  2. Ayokunnumi A. E

    February 17, 2020 at 8:08 am

    Great and insightful article I must admit. Outside at being good at what we do, customer service is very important in gaining a huge customer base. People want to be where they are valued. Given this, the pertinent tips shared in this article should be followed to the letters as much as possible.

    Great job and well done once again.

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