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Five Industries that Might Benefit from Virtual Reality Technology

We live in a world where the next big thing is just around the corner. Some technical innovations come completely out of the blue and change our lives. Others slowly make their way to the mainstream.

A good example of the latter is Virtual Reality or simply VR. It has been around for a while but it hasn’t quite taken off. The main reason was the price of the hardware required from the user’s perspective.

Now that the cost of the equipment has gone down, it seems we might see more and more VR products exploding.

This post will focus on five industries that might benefit the most from the rise of the technology.

Online Video Gaming

The video gaming industry has always tried to push the limits and provide a breathtaking experience for the users. Just take a look at the best games from the 1990s or even from several years ago and compare them to the top products today.

The visual revolution is stunning. It all started with simple 2D graphics where you could see the pixels. Nowadays, we have 3D models that are simply beautiful.

It’s only natural that the next level would include VR products. Plenty of titles have been released already but that’s only the beginning.

VR is the future of gaming and the experience is truly something else. It’s realistic and you become part of the world that the developer has built in a way never seen before. Just take a look at snooker world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan and his hilarious experience with VR.

Online Casino Gambling

Another industry that has a lot to gain from the introduction of VR is the online casino industry. The best real money online casinos have always tried to provide their players with the most realistic experience possible.

In the 1990s and 2000s, you would see a lot of table games like roulette and blackjack with realistic graphics. The 2010s brought us the “live casinos” that combined the best of both worlds to an extent.

High-quality video streams brought real dealers and tables to your home, while you were able to keep the benefits of gambling online such as the fast user interface and the 24/7 availability from your computer or phone.

And yet, none of the efforts of the casino industry come close to what VR could offer to the customers. It can be used for both a realistic experience of classic card and table games, as well as a surreal atmosphere for slots and other types of casino products.

We’ve already seen some experiments with new VR titles. The numbers are low because there aren’t enough customers with the proper equipment and the costs are high. Both problems should disappear sooner rather than later, so the online casino industry might be one of the biggest winners from the rise of VR.

Real Estate Online

This one could be slightly surprising but selling real estate online could take full advantage of the introduction of VR. The technology could help the companies recreate any estate out there rather quickly and show it to the customers online.

They can experience their potential new home or office without actually visiting the place. The final decisions will naturally go through the real world, but nothing stops you from creating a shortlist of estates that meet your needs, without losing a ton of time to visit tens or hundreds of places.

Just imagine how easy it would become to find the perfect estate compared to what we have now.


The education of medical students usually costs a fortune and requires a lot of time. A large part of it is because of the need to actually train and learn on real patients. While this should always be included in the whole program, the VR technologies could provide an opportunity for endless cheap simulations that have no consequences.

The future healthcare specialists could use virtual models of the human body to learn and make mistakes. They could go through hundreds of iterations and make all the errors in the world before they are ready to move on to the real deal.

And since experience is the key to becoming good at pretty much anything, we could expect the overall quality of the healthcare services to improve thanks to VR.


Most architects nowadays use various software tools for 3D models that allow them to change and tweak their plans. The technology has been excellent, but VR can add even more depth to the whole creative process.

The experts in the field will be able to see their projects not only from above and beyond, but also go in there and see how it looks from the perspective of the people who will be using the building in the future.

Making changes beforehand and experimenting will be so much easier with the proper introduction of VR. Not to mention that it could potentially save a lot of money, as small mistakes will be easier to notice.


The five industries mentioned in this post are highly likely to benefit from the rise of Virtual Reality but there are so many more. The technology has the power to change the world in the next several years and we’ve yet to see how far it could go.

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