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How To Make Your Home Smart

home automationAs technology continues to advance at lightning speed, people are finding new ways to use technology to make their lives easier. One way that people are utilizing these advancements is through home automation tools and smart technology. Smart technology is used to connect different systems and electronics throughout your home, making the process more seamless and the devices easier to use.

Making your home smart can help you run your home more efficiently and can give families a sense of increased security and comfort. Video, cell phones, wireless devices and more can all be used to create smart homes. While many of us may not have $100 million to spend on creating a smart home like Bill Gates, there are several tools and tips that the average person can use to create a smart home. Make sure your family’s lifestyle and well-being are uninterrupted by investing in a few tools to make your home smarter than the rest.

Smart Thermostats

We all have felt the strain frigid winters and sweltering summers can put on our electric bills. The energy used to heat and cool homes is consistently a large portion of household bills. With fuel costs increasing, every homeowner is looking for ways to cut costs wherever they can. Smart thermostats automatically learn how long your air conditioner and furnace take to reach the programmed temperature, so it only runs when necessary. Many models also send alerts when the filters need to be changed which helps the thermostats run more effectively and ultimately conserves energy.

Smart thermostats are a great way to not only save money and make your household run more efficiently, but they can also help you maximize your energy efficiency which is great for the earth.

Smart Home Security

Every homeowner wants to protect their home and family. According to, homes without security systems are up to 300 percent more likely to be broken into. Alarm systems aren’€™t a new technology; however, home automation security systems have taken home security to the next level. Home automation systems offer an affordable way to not only secure your home and property, but also remotely connect and manage your home. The best thing about smart security systems is that you can secure your home even when you are away. Forgot to turn on your alarm? No worries, you can easily arm or disarm your alarm system from your phone, computer or tablet. You can also get alerts sent to you when pre-selected actions occur at your home such as doors, windows or medicine cabinets opening. You can keep tabs on everything that is going on in your home from pets, to your children, all from anywhere in the world. Smart security systems give homeowners the great gift of peace of mind.

Intelligent Lighting

Technology has advanced past simple motion sensor lighting. Now homeowners can adjust the lights from any location. If you accidentally left all of the lights on in your house, you can now easily turn them off from your phone, tablet or computer. Automated lighting devices can also sense when a room is unoccupied. This exciting technology allows you to control the color, light intensity and timed settings, all from any location.

These are just a few of the ways you can start making your home smart. Take advantage of the exciting technology that is now available to us. Not only can you save money and reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also make life more comfortable, one device at a time.

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Celia Wang writes on behalf of Protection 1, a leading home security company in the United States. From home alarm systems to home security systems, Protection 1 has home security covered.

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