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How To Make Navigation Of Your Magento Store Work Sell More

The primary goal of any Magento online store is to sell stuff. Still all Magento platform users should clearly understand that a chaotic packing of the webpage with all sorts of goods regardless of the usability is not the option. The disregard of strategies to upgrade the navigation of a Magento online store clears the way for your rivals to march in and push your sales rates to a zero point.

Some choose a fancy design over functionality as they are convinced that an eye candy is the best way to win the heart of a client. But flirting with a customer may be distracting as well, while even the simplest layout plus a properly functioning webpage turns a success killer into a killer success.

Leave pulling the wool over customer’€™s eyes to your rivals and keep on improving navigation of your Magento webpage.

Keep it to the point

As soon as the client’s eye catches a lovely item to put into the cart, the top factors that influence his decision to proceed with check-out and conversion or close the tab for good are such numeric attributes as price, memory size, weight and the like. Save your customer’s time and make these product filter options as visible as possible and do not bury the navigation bars somewhere on the outskirts of your Magento store space.

Price it!

Surely, price is the argument in chief. Magento price filter provides you with a splendid choice of several variants of price attribute modes that are the next:

  • Default
  • From-To
  • Dropdown
  • Slider

The price bar no longer takes up the all the navigation block space. Thus, it is also designed to operate smoothly. A real breakthrough is that even after the client set from-to mode of chose a predefined price range, he is still able to jump back within a click as a Magento price filter will not hide.

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