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How to Keep Your Tech Devices Protected

Living in the age of technology has its perks. With a swipe of a button, a person can hail a driving service, order groceries, or update their entire wardrobe. Devices like smartphones and tablets are extremely valuable. Plus, they contain a lot of valuable information and data inside. This is why protection is paramount. To keep your devices protected, consider the following tips.

Purchase Insurance

Most smartphones and other devices are hundreds of dollars. Depending on the device, it’s not uncommon to spend thousands. Because it’s perfectly normal (and quite common) to see the average person with a smartphone, people lose the understanding of how you’re supposed to take care of your devices. If you constantly see people casually throwing their smartphones in their purses or nonchalantly using them with cracked screens, it’s easy to normalize this behavior.

In reality, it can be pricey to replace a cracked screen. Plus, accidents happen. Most phone carriers provide phone insurance. Most tech companies offer insurance when you purchase your devices. Though it’s an extra charge, it’s worth the investment. If something ever happens to your phone, you won’t need to come out of pocket for the expense (in most cases).

Invest in a Case

When you’ve spent hundreds on a phone, the last thing you want to do is replace it every few months. If you don’t invest in a phone case, you’ll end up investing in repairs. Even if you’re not a clumsy person, you’ll drop your phone at some point. Even if (or when) you drop your phone, a good phone case will buffer the impact and keep your phone in great condition. Since you’ll probably carry your phone around, why not make the phone case interesting? Consider ordering custom phone cases to get the designs and specifications that work perfectly with your style.

Get Screen Protectors

It’s not enough to invest in a great case. A great phone case is incredibly helpful but take it a step further with a screen protector. A screen protector is especially important for those smartphones with glass screens. If you drop that phone and the screen shatters, it’s an understandably devastating experience. Screen protectors are also excellent for sanitary purposes.

Your hands come into contact with a lot of surfaces and germs throughout the day. Then, you’ll pick up your phone to use it. As you touch the screen and place the screen to your face, a lot of germs tend to get shuffled around. With a daily swipe of an alcohol-based wipe, you can kill a lot of germs and bacteria on your phone’s surface. A screen protector allows you to clean the screen without getting any moisture in the actual device.

Use Strong Passwords on Secure Networks

Hackers continue to outsmart the systems with high-quality tech strategies. As they learn how to hack into computers and devices, they’re able to do it in plain sight. If you’re visiting a local coffee shop for a work session, you’d think that it’s best to connect to the WiFi of the establishment. It’s better to maintain your portable connection or use protective software that allows you to connect to the public internet without getting hacked.

Anti-spyware and anti-virus packages continue to remain effective. Just be sure to pay attention to updates to use the most current version of the programs. Most people don’t want to pull out their credit card information each time they’d like to make a purchase online. Hackers know this. They’re relying on your lack of protection to capture data such as your banking information. By using strong passwords and downloading protective software, you’ll protect your devices from digital predators.

Back Up Everything

From the digital perspective, most people maintain a lot of information and data on their devices. Consider the photos you took on that last family vacation. It would be horrible if something happened and you lost all of those digital memories. Whether you do it once a week or once a month, back up everything on your devices. Transfer the data and files to a hard drive to make sure you don’t lose anything you want to protect or remember.

Because your tech devices are so valuable, prioritize everything on this list. Whether you’re protecting yourself from potential hackers or water damage when you’re in the pool, utilizing these tips will give you the peace of mind you need to truly swipe, type, and connect in peace.

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Maggie graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in communication and writing. In her spare time, she loves to dance, read, and bake. She also enjoys traveling and scouting out new brunch locations.

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