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How to Increase Your Google Ranking

Every day, Google processes approximately 3.5 billion searches. With SEO, content creators can optimize and promote their web pages. By doing this, traffic for specific searches will be maximized. With Google, there’s a higher return on investment than with other channels. Here’s how to increase your Google ranking.


1. Figure out if you need an SEO expert or SEO-friendly professional web design services. If you don’t know how to manage SEO, or you simply don’t have the time to devote to it, hiring a professional will help you get everything done right the first time. If you also need to hire a content writer, look for one who’s well-versed in SEO and get the best of both worlds with one contractor.

2. Understand how SEO is related, or not related, to social media. Some platforms, like Facebook, don’t allow search engines to crawl their content. Plus, Google doesn’t use metrics from social media to figure out rankings, something that even holds true for Google’s own Google Plus. However, the more links there are back to your content, the better for rankings, and those links can come from social media. The more your content is exposed on social media, the more it can help with website traffic, which eventually will impact your page rank.

3. One quick way to make a big impact with SEO is to catch the eye of an influencer in your niche. If one of those influencers writes about you or your company, search engines will rank your pages higher because they’re being referred to by someone who’s already acquired high traffic. One of the best ways to start building a relationship with these influencers is via Twitter.

4. Creating great content is of high importance. Make sure to only put content out there that you think your audience will consider valuable. Content can go up any number of places, from your own website and blog to your social media accounts and even your newsletter.

5. Figure out what your audience is searching for. If you were looking for your products or services, what words or terms would you use to search? Google has an excellent tool that will help you pick search terms.

In the end, the right SEO can help individuals and businesses reach an audience that is already showing interest in what’s being offered.

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