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How to Increase Mobile Engagement in Marketing

Mobile marketing has always been an important part of brand building, but it’s only in recent years that we’ve seen the shift towards mobile marketing. With many companies now seeing a majority of their traffic coming from mobile devices, there are a whole new set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to engaging with new and existing customers on their preferred platform. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to use SMS as a powerful way to increase mobile engagement!

Mobile marketing strategies have become increasingly popular of late, with customers transitioning to buying and communicating via mobile channels. Just about everyone walks around with their phone in their pocket or bag so there really is no better way to engage customers on the go. Customer engagement is very important in driving up sales and consequently revenue.

What Is Ecommerce SMS?

SMS for commerce is essentially using SMS for marketing purposes. It is a great way to keep your customers and can be instrumental to retaining a loyal fanbase. Assuming you now have a mobile messaging platform on standby and have already made first contact, how do you keep the customers engaged?

Ways to Increase Mobile Engagement

The only thing you ought to keep in mind here is that you need to focus on building a stronger connection between yourself and your customers right from when they become a first-time customer all through their buying journey.

Here are a few pointers that can help you increase your engagement:

Make a Good First Impression

You know what they say about first impressions so this has to be a lasting one. What image do customers conceptualize when you contact them for the very first time? What is the nature of the text message? Did they consent to it?

Of course, this is all for ecommerce SMS. For other mobile marketing methods like apps, the focus usually is on user experience. For instance, an app should be well-designed with clear instructions to help first-time users get what they need pronto.

Try Out Location-Based Marketing

You can use location-based marketing to send customers personalized offers whenever they are within range of your store. This is one way GPS location tracking can come in handy in your store.

You could send customers promotional offers—for instance when they are close to a certain product. Send them a notification of the offer on the product right in front of them. Another way to use this is to send them an offer of a certain product at a certain store or outlet if they are near the said outlet.

Offer Comprehensive Information and Rewards

Mobile marketing is not just about letting customers know what you are selling. It also involves finer details like product descriptions.

Just bombarding them with a list of products is half the job. Giving access to finer details will give interested parties the leeway to probe further into what they need and hopefully, eventually make the purchase.

Rewards could be in the form of discounts or special offers like buy one get one free. You can also run an SMS ruffle with the winning number winning a gift voucher or store credit and discounts.

Little promotions like these that make customers happy will have them looking forward to your next promotional message.

Promote QR Codes

Let’s step away from ecommerce for a minute and into your store. You could promote QR codes on digital displays and in-store displays of the products. Shoppers could scan these QR codes on their phones and discover some promotional offer. QR codes are a surefire way of managing physical promotional offers via smartphones – it’s mobile engagement after all.

Alternatively, the QR codes could be the gate to instructional videos and pages for customers to educate themselves on products as they roam about your store.

Why Mobile Marketing?

When you think of mobile marketing, you think of mobile phones, through which you get to reach customers anytime and on-the-go, mobile channel notwithstanding.

As it is, mobile purchases make up about 73% of all ecommerce purchases. With the numbers on your side, get on a mobile messaging platform and start SMS marketing now!

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