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How To Increase Blog Traffic From The United States of America

american bloggersWhat is it about America that makes everyone so interested? Think about it, singers, actors, scientists, and even politicians, all want to crack the American market. In fact, such is the obsession with the United States that many no longer count themselves successful in their respective countries until they can finally attract the attention of the American people to themselves, art, trade, business, skills and so on. If that is the case, then bloggers could perhaps be forgiven for jumping on the same bandwagon. Afterall there is no smoke without fire and if the American market offers something good, why not join in and become a part of it?!

In light of the above, this article tries to help those bloggers who want their blogs to become popular in America and increase targeted Web traffic or visitors to their Web sites from the United States. While the following suggestions may not cover every aspect, they should go a long way in assisting your blog to become popular, not only in your native country but also in America.

Use US-Based Directories

It is common knowledge that increasing backlinks to a site will increase its reputation and eventually lead to more search engine traffic. Thus, submitting your blog links to free or paid US-based directories could be one of the most important ways to attract more visitors to your site from the United States. Examples of US directories to submit your site to includes;

Know What To Write

Knowing what to write is very important. If you choose the wrong niche or specialise on a topic that people are not interested in then no one will read it. Therefore, in order to get as much American traffic and exposure as possible, you should focus on trending or important issues in the US.  Whilst they are paid keyword research tools such as Keyword Discovery and  WordTracker, good free alternatives such as Google’s Adword Keyword Tool can also be used.

Buy Short-Term Traffic

Google Adwords tops the list of reputable and established Web tools from which one could buy short-term and potentially long term traffic by advertising. Other examples include Facebook Ads, and Yahoo! advertising campaign.

Research Article Sites

Compile a list of high ranking US sites such as, and or blogs that accept guest contributors and be a part of it by submitting your own articles, commenting on posts and participating in their online forums.

Use Your Video Imagination

It is an understatement that Americans love watching video and sites such as YouTube is in no doubt very popular in the US. There has been a lot of unlikely success stories in the past  and you can be one of them.

Network! Network!! Network!!!

There is no substitute for networking i.e. knowing and meeting the right people and one way to do so is by socialising through social networking sites that are very popular in the US such as, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Avoid Spamming Techniques

By all means, you should avoid spamming or using spamming techniques. There is no quick way to good success and it will only lead to being banned or suspended by Google and other search engines. However, doing things the right way will definitely lead to longer lasting success if you persevere. Goodluck!

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What other ways can one increase Web traffic from the United States?

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