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How to Impress Employers from the Tech Industry

Nowadays, the tech industry is an in-demand industry because of increased and rapid shifting from traditional to digital ways of doing business. For this reason, more jobs are being created–from information technology or IT technician, IT data analyst, to web developer and IT security manager, among others.

If you’re planning to apply for an IT-related job, you need to be prepared because the resume writing, interview, background check, training, and gaining the necessary experience could be very challenging. But how do you impress employers from the tech industry?

Submit A Great IT Resume

If you’re into an IT career, it’s crucial to kickstart by submitting an impressive resume. Your IT resume is your passport to enter a good company where you want to start your new career, train, and grow professionally. While you can write your resume on your own, attain a professionally written resume without flaws by hiring resume writing services.

But what makes a great IT resume? Check some of these resume writing tips:

  • Impress Prospective Employers with a Good Objective: While the objective section is not mandatory when creating a resume, adding it would give prospective employers a good glimpse of what you want to attain in your career. Don’t forget to write the job title you’re applying for and why you want to apply for the position.
  • Be Specific: Impress prospective employers with numbers and not through generic words. For instance, instead of stating, ‘worked as an IT data analyst manager for ten years,’ make it more specific by saying, ‘worked as an IT specialist from a 1000-employees telecommunication company for two years and was promoted as the IT manager for eight years.’
  • Highlight Your Accomplishments: Instead of listing or simply enumerating your work experience, also include the specifics of your major accomplishments from the time you started your career in the IT industry. Make it short and concise.
  • Highlight Your IT Skills: Be specific with the IT skills you’ll write in your resume that’s related to your application. For example, instead of writing ‘managing SQL database,’ you can state ‘highly knowledgeable and experienced in MySQL and PostgreSQL management.’

Rock The Interview

Unlike other careers, the IT industry involves asking highly technical questions about IT topics, such as troubleshooting, workaround options, encoding and decoding, language programming, and data backup and recovery. While you may already have the experience, there are still plenty of things to ask when you’re applying for an IT job.

Your answers to the interview questions will create the first impression on your prospective employer. So, you have to make it good.

Check the following tips before and during the IT job interview:

  • Research About the Company: You probably have submitted several resumes to prospective companies and now have received a notification for an interview. One of the best preparation tips to impress your prospective employer, aside from knowing the content of your resume, is to research the company.

Know the company goals or vision and mission, guiding principles, products and services, and their clients. This step is crucial because employers would prefer hiring someone who already knows the company.

  • Showoff Your Hard and Soft Skills: While IT can be too technical, show the interviewer that you’re open-minded, hardworking, patient, and cooperative. When asked about people skills, teamwork-related topics, or any management query, make sure to impress the recruitment manager.

You can do this by giving answers that show genuine concern for others, the value of time, and your eagerness to come up with the best resolution through teamwork and following company guidelines.

Make The Most Out Of Your IT Career

Whether you have an entry-level IT job or you’ve landed a high-salary and high-ranking IT-related position, the most important thing is to make the most out of your career. How do you do it?

If you’re still applying for a new job, you can impress prospective employers by saying only positive things about the previous companies you’ve worked for. Narrate the learning and skills you’ve attained and the qualifications you’ve gained working with them. Show how grateful you are and that you’ve left the company for a good reason.

If you’re already employed, impress your employer by showing your passion and dedication to learn new things. Volunteer yourself to head a major IT task instead of being asked. Make the most out of your IT career by being:

  • Aggressive (in a good way)
  • Cooperative
  • Obedient
  • Professional
  • A leader in your way


Employers from the tech industry are not different from any other employer. For applicants, preparation is the key. Submit a great resume and be confident during the interview by knowing about your stuff and the company.

Once you’re in, impress your employer by showing that you’re passionate, dedicated, and always willing to improve yourself and grow.

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