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5 Video Monetization Platforms to Make Sure You Don’t Need YouTube Anymore

By 2020, video services have become a powerful fast-growing business. Bloggers create catchy informative vlogs and run live streams while companies launch video channels to attract more audiences — the area is enormous and grants lots of options to become more popular and successful. However, making videos is not only about fun and success anymore, it is also about income if you know how to monetize your content efficiently.

Just a while ago YouTube was perhaps the №1 tool for making money with videos. With the sequence of time, too many restrictions and limitations, irrelevant ads overload, and unfair rewards lead users to find alternative ways of turning video content into money. Today we are going to review the 5 most reliable and profitable platforms allowing you to get paid for videos and even more, going far beyond YouTube.

Amazon Prime Direct

In May 2016 Amazon launched the Prime Video Direct program aimed to help video makers and media companies upload content to Amazon and get royalties when users watch it. You can sell or rent titles, allow others to access content based on the AVOD option, sell your channels as the add-ons, or get paid for the number of hours users spend on watching your videos. Amazon also pays $1 million to 100 best publishers once a month, so you always have a chance to earn more.


The service is not only for video content publishers but also for talented artists in general — it helps to get revenue for illustrations, photos, videos, and even written content. The amount one can earn depends on the donations of platform users, “patrons”, and on the type of subscription they choose. The more donations fans make, the more exclusive content they can access, and the more profit the author gains. For 6 years of its existence, 3 million “patrons” have supported 100+ thousands of creative people on Patreon.


This platform pays for every 1000 views of the video you create and publish, either it is a live stream or video on demand. It is focused on OTT/CTV and provides relevant video marketing solutions and targeted adverts that bring you profit and popularity. No expenses or extra efforts are needed since VlogBox allows you to create your video channel with full control of all its components.


An all-inclusive OTT platform for creating video streaming websites and applications where you publish the content you’d like to monetize. Users pay for access to the content you offer according to the monetization plan you set. You can control everything from single CMS and manage your site without specific knowledge required.


Making money with Vault is easy, but you must upload only original self-created videos. After your video is approved you get the offer from Vault (either one-time or royalty-based) and in case of accepting it, you get paid. Moreover, you can get revenue by selling your videos to media companies and clients looking for top-quality content.

If you are one of those talented video creators who are not satisfied with YouTube monetization policy and are looking for better conditions to earn money with video content, try one of the platforms mentioned above. Choose options that fit you best, resort to different approaches, and turn your videos and live streams in high-demand and well-paid business!

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