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How to Implement Controlled Building Access Using Technology

Whether you own a commercial or residential building – controlled building access is imperative when protecting the people or assets stored in the property. Often, it can be hard to determine the appropriate form of building control to use. What’s more, with so many types of controlled business access equipment on the market, it can be hard to choose. So, here are our suggestions for implementing controlled building access.

Passwords or codes

Passwords or codes are great. Particularly on door entry systems for large external doors that need extra security. Internally, passwords or codes could get used for storage or electrical cupboards. This keeps people from accessing private or dangerous goods within the building. However, codes and passwords can easily get copied. So, be aware of whom you share this information with.

Staff monitoring 

If you have staff visiting your building and you want to check who’s in, staff monitoring is a good option. Create a system that requires your staff to check in and out every day. This means you can keep a check on your building security, who’s working, and ensure there is no one left in the building at night.

Access badges 

Access badges are a visible form of identification that is easily seen and recognised by people working in your building. Access badges would usually have a picture on them, followed by a name and perhaps the company or faculty they work in. Access badges are easy to print and given to new members of staff or visitors.


Fingerprints are personal and cannot get replicated. If your building requires security and houses important documentation or assets – fingerprints are the way to go. Fingerprint identification cannot get mimicked, reducing the risk of someone acting on behalf of another and gaining access to your building. Fingerprint identification is a specialist form of building control and is on the more expensive side. However, it is worth it to keep your valuables safe.

Key, key cards, or key fobs 

Keys, key cards, or key fobs control your building’s access by only giving a select number of people the right to use that space. You have a choice on which areas people gain access to by programming your key, key card, or key fob to only work in certain spaces. This technique works particularly well in office blocks. This is because employees from different businesses can enter the building and their office only.

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