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How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Event this Summer  

Outdoor events are always fun. They’re a major part of American culture, with 49% of the US population attending at least one event every year.

However, some events are better than others. You need to make sure people want to return to your outdoor event, whether it’s a sports day or a simple BBQ in the backyard. We’re going to help you host the perfect outdoor event this summer.

Plan for Mother Nature 

The average annual temperatures in the US have been rising for many years now, but that doesn’t mean you can guarantee that you won’t have rain during the summer months.

This largely depends on the state you live in. A state like Washington or Idaho will experience rain almost one in every three days of the year.

Always make sure you have a backup plan if the weather doesn’t play ball.

Make Electrical Outlets Available

It’s 2019 and 95% of Americans have a mobile device of some kind. There’s nothing more frustrating than attending an event and not having anywhere to charge your phone. Don’t force your guests to stumble around your venue trying to find a hidden outlet.

Make them available and tell your guests where they’re located when you arrive. You’ll save a lot of stress and frustration over the course of your event.

Prepare the Menu

What sort of food and drink will you be serving at your event?

Of course, this depends on the theme of the event and who you expect to attend. But one great option is an outdoor pizza oven from Forno Venetzia, or a classic barbeque grill. Everyone’s favorite foods will always go down as a successful event.

Just make sure you have a variety of options available, including vegetarian.

Sort Out Parking Details 

The chances are everyone will be driving their cars. It’s not as simple as asking them to park somewhere because it may become a nuisance for neighbors. Furthermore, latecomers may find that there’s no space available.

Don’t allow your guests to get frustrated before they even get to the party. Provide clear instructions on parking so there are no problems later.

Tell Your Neighbors

Parties are noisy and your neighbors may not appreciate the unexpected noise. It’s common courtesy to tell your neighbors a few days in advance that you’re having a party. It’s also a good courtesy to invite them and make some new friends.

Don’t ignore this step because you don’t talk to your neighbors or because you don’t particularly like them. Plenty of outdoor events have been ruined because of irate neighbors who come around to crash it.

Last Word – Planning the Perfect Outdoor Event

Whatever type of outdoor event you have coming up, the key is planning. Plan everything you can, and make sure that you don’t need to obey any local ordinances or have any licenses.

Don’t assume you can do what you want, even if it takes place on your private property. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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