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How to hire the best developers and programmers for your IT development company programmers and developers are in high demand and more outsourcing companies are hiring professionals who can meet all development standards and business requirements. A majority of organizations are now focusing on special skill sets and innovative approach to design the most intuitive app solutions for businesses. Experienced professionals are on the top of the list  companies because they can deliver the desired results in a specific time duration.

However, this doesn’t affect the on-going demand of novice yet qualified professionals who are hoping to be recruited by employers to gain professional experience and training. Just in case you are one of such developers and want a good job, then just remember all the points we will be discussing here in the post. In the same way, if you are running an offshore IT development company and hiring developers and programmers, then wait- and consider all the following questions for your next interview round.

  1. Does the .net development platform support multiple languages? If yes, then how?
    Ans- If you are an experienced developer, you must know this basic fact even if it is tough to answer. This question will help employers differentiate between candidates who just know the facts from those who actually understand and explain how and why in detail. When your candidate gives a strong response to this question and leaves you doubtless, you can think of hiring him. But wait; check his intelligence on other questions too!
  2. Define page directives with example
    To test the technical expertise of the developer during the hiring process, you can ask this question. Generally, Page directives are the initial lines of an page that offer instructions and settings for user control files and web forms pages. It is probably hard for a developer to remember an exhaustive list of page directives, but still you can grasp the names of popular ones such as Codebehind, Language, EnableTheming, and so on.
  3. Explain the pros and cons of user and custom controls
    Through this question, an employer will be able to take a deep insight into the candidate’s knowledge and approach to design. If you are a developer and wish to get hired by an Development Company, try not to waste your time reading factual articles on the internet. Smart employers already understand hiring procedures and you can’t fool them. It is important to know all pros and cons of user control and custom controls.You can also find some additional points that explain benefits and disadvantages with brevity on the internet.
  4. Explain the concept of Postback in
    When you want to hire an developer or programmer with strong expertise and skill set for development, you should not skip this question in the interview. If a candidate is able to explain the Postback concept, you can easily judge his capabilities and knowledge for project development. It’s a vital concept used for web development by programmers and developers. If your candidate knows about it and is well-versed of the concept, you can also consider him in the recruitment list.

All the above questions should normally be enough to judge the reliability and skill set of a candidate. You can still search for more information on the internet and include them in your list.

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Senior ASP.Net developer with over 6 years of experience in app development , He has been involved in a wide range of projects and best practices to develop high quality software that meets project requirements, budget, and schedule. Ethan Millar is intense about coding and everything related to ASP.Net.

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