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How to Get Into a High Paying Technical Job

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When it comes to a great career, there are a few job roles and industries you should get into. Anything tech, science, or is highly specialized can make a person a fortune, especially if it works towards a business’ bottom line. Having a specialization in statistics, for example, can do wonders for a person’s career, because it directly results in businesses making more money or making their business more efficient.

Statistical analysis and other tech-related jobs, however, require formal education. You need to demonstratively prove that you can do this highly specific job. For those who are just starting their career or are at the beginning of their career, you cannot avoid the necessity of obtaining a degree.

Even those already established in your career. Unless you have been involved with the innovative progress of your job role, you are likely becoming more obsolete by the day. You need to jump back into the world of tech or science or mathematical statistics so that you can bring the newest and most up-to-date theories and practices into your company.

Benefits of a Tech-Related Degree

There are so many benefits of a tech-related degree.

Very Lucrative

Tech, science, and mathematical specializations are very lucrative, and they also have great career prospects. A statistician is one of the best-ranked jobs, and one of the top 10 fastest growing professions. By investing in this specialization, you can fill a growing niche and get paid well for it because very few have your degree nor your level of expertise in the subject.

Job Market is Great

The job market for tech jobs is great because every business is opening its eyes to how necessary they are for success in a global economy.

The Ability to Move Countries

There are very few at the moment who have specialized degrees. This means that companies that have the budget and needs are more than willing to outsource to different countries and sponsor your work visa. If you wanted to move to America, for example, you can easily find a company willing to hire a UK citizen, especially if the degree you have offers American certifications. You can easily acquire these certifications if you enroll in an online American degree.

How to Get into a High Paying Technical Job

Assuming that you already have BA or equivalent in your industry, it’s time to think about specializing your skills.

Further Specialize with a Great MA

When specializing you need to consider what qualifications you receive upon graduating. If you want to work in America, for example, because the jobs in Silicon Valley are so lucrative and you are ready for a change, then you will want to enroll into an American online university. You can achieve a Masters in Statistics online without worrying about a visa or about the costs of being a student abroad. You can even undertake this degree while you work.

Learn and Work

Learning and working simultaneously can be difficult, but it is the best way to minimize costs and improve your CV so that you can get a job immediately after graduating in the company or country you want.

Take What You Learn and Apply It

While you are studying you will want to start to apply what you learned into your career. This way you can gain practical experience and solidify the lessons you learn.

Go Above and Beyond for Your Course

Chances are your degree will have a reading list. This list will have mandatory and recommended texts. Try to read all of the texts, rather than just what you have to. This will help you really stand out in the job market and give you deeper insight into your degree.

Improve Your Current Job Position

As work experience is critical you will want to try to improve your current work position so that you can get hired right out the gate. To improve your current job position you will want to:

Ask for More Responsibilities

Ask for more responsibilities that will give you practical experience in what you are specializing in. This will help give you a practical outlet to learn, practice, and reaffirm what you learn. You will also be able to put it on your CV.

Fill a Role that Doesn’t Exist

If your current employer doesn’t already have a role or department in your specialization, ask about them creating one and outline the benefits and what you would want in return. If you can prove to be a huge boost to a company you can job hunt with not just work experience, but leadership experience.

Build Up Your Personal Reputation

It can also be beneficial to build up your personal reputation in your field. You can do this through a few methods.

Start a Website for Your Work

Create and manage a personal website that acts as a dynamic CV. You can keep it up to date by writing about events, news, and reports in your specialization. You might even find that your website has a successful following since you are catering to a niche that few do. By creating a successful blog you can become a thought leader and an industry leader on your own.

Attend Relevant Events and Workshops

Stay up to date with events, conferences, and workshops and attend as many as you can. This will help you stay up to date, give you great content to write about, and of course, is essential for networking.

How to Apply and Get THAT Job

Will you get the first job that you apply for? Maybe. In certain situations, you may not even need to apply at all if you networked well enough. Then, of course, it is also entirely possible you receive rejection letters for months. What is important is that you learn from every rejection and don’t let it deter you. Know what you are worth and fight until you find a company that values that worth and pays you accordingly.

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