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Cable Management Tips From Blue Key World Cable Clips Company

We live in a world wherein technology seems to run the show. Everywhere you look, there’s tech. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home, school, work, or wherever. There will always be electrical devices that help us out in whichever way they can. As much as these devices are helpful, they are also really a handful.

Let me explain why.

Where there is a device, there are cords. Just take a look at this video: Depending on the device, this may range from one seemingly innocent cord to a whole mumble-jumble of them! Take the stereo as an example. Aside from the main power plug, there are several wires that connect to external speakers, subwoofers, mixer and amplifier (if any). This whole fiasco of wires can be terribly irritating to look at – especially when they’re all over the place.

Another common example is your home computer. Unless you’re an IT graduate, I really doubt that you could tell me just how many cords go with a personal computer (accessories taken into consideration). There are a lot, I tell you – like way more than what you’d consider few. There’s one for the mouse, CPU, monitor, speakers, digital camera (if separate), AVR, printer, etc. There are so many cords that it’s easy to lose track. Not to mention, easy to make a big mess of.

So if you’re tired of looking at the disrupted image of lines, cables, cords, and wires, then you’ve come to the right article. Today, we are going to let you in on some of our finest advice about cable management. Why? Just because we can’t take it any longer! Our nit-picky eyes are just so tired of looking at such a mess – and we know yours are too.

Starting today, say goodbye to your jumbled worries with the help of these awesome tips!

1. Keep Unused Cables In A Neat Storage Box At All Times

Yes. If you don’t want to see it, then hide it. Kind of like how you dealt with household chores when you were young because you’re too afraid that your mom will find out. All kidding aside, having a safe storage box for unused cords and cables will definitely help you declutter your home. It will also help you preserve the lives of these cables. You see, wires break easily – especially when they’re mangled abusively all the time. Storing them neatly in a dry place will definitely help them last longer.

2. Get Yourself Some Cable Clips

Cable clips are life savers. They’re like the ultimate life hack item for all of us who love tech. They make sure that your cables remain distinct and untangled. They also make it easier for you to find them. If you want to sort out confusing wires and tangled cords, then you should definitely shop for some of these. Get dozens if you can! They’ll come in handy, for sure!

3. Label Cords and Cables To Locate Them Easily

Another problem you may also constantly experience confusing which cable is which. I mean, there are one too many black cables in the house, right? It would even be no exaggeration to say that 95% of indoor wires are black. And it can get crazy confusing – especially when they’re all jumbled up together. Labelling each cord will help you locate them faster. It also seems more organized that way (you can check this out).

4. Throw Out Defective Cables Already

Also, if you’re the type of person to constantly hoard stuff because you think “you might need them later,” then I bet you have some old cables lying around your house too. I also bet that most of these cables are already defective. After all, the lifespan of electrical wires isn’t really that impressive. If you have old and possibly defective cords stored somewhere, now may be the time to rid yourself of them. Try them out and if they’re no good, throw them out. It’s that easy. Trust me; you should start getting rid of the trash in your life – and I do mean that literally!

Sponsored by Blue Key World Cable Clips Company. 

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