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How To Find Do-Follow WordPress Blogs (Part Two)

In continuation to part one of how to find dofollow wordpress blogs, this article will suggest two ways to confirm the ‘Do-Follow’ status of a blog based on your web browser.

Internet Explorer Users

If most of your browsing is done on Internet explorer, you might have to go the ‘hard way’. Go to the comments page of the article you are interested in, select and copy the name of any commenter. Then right click on the article page and click on ‘View (page) source’ to open the page source window.

Inside the page source window, use either your keyboard to select ‘Ctrl + F’ or click ‘Edit’ on the top menu of the browser, and then ‘Find’. Finally, use the paste function or ‘Ctrl+V’ and press ‘Enter’ to find the name of the commenter in the html source code. The keyword to look out for is the “rel=’nofollow’” atribute. The blog is a ‘dofollow’ blog if ‘NoFollow’ is absent or missing anywhere near the commenter name/link.

Mozilla Firefox Users

Although the above method could also be applied to Firefox browsers, the more direct approach is to install a free Firefox plug-in such as  ‘SEO for Firefox’ and ‘SearchStatus’. Once activated, the plug-ins will highlight all ‘NoFollow’ links on a Web page thus implying that all un-highlighted links on the Web page are ‘DoFollow’ links.

Talking Point

It is being argued in some quarters that finding ‘DoFollow’ blogs is fast becoming an obsession for many bloggers which does nothing more than encourage comment/link spamming. Do you agree with this view? If not, why?

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