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Weather Mobile App Development in 2020: Your Guide to Designing your own Weather Mobile App

Weather mobile-apps enable users to access hour-by-hour weather forecasts, alerts for severe weather conditions, and other relevant weather information for any place on the planet. If you are considering designing your own weather mobile application, here are the key things you need to think about.

Selecting the Right Weather APIs

Before you can begin designing your mobile weather app, you obviously need to obtain weather forecast data for your application. Weather APIs allow you to connect to large databases to access current and historical data. There are numerous weather-forecast application programming interfaces you can use for that purpose, so it is important you compare different APIs to ensure you choose the right one for your specific app.

Features to Include in Your Weather App

Any developer can build a weather application. So, if you want yours to stand out and become successful, you need to make it as effective and helpful for end-users as possible. Your forecasts should be accurate, and the more information you make available, the better. For instance, you could include features like meteorological conditions, air temperature, and wind speed. You also need to think about the format of your forecasts. It is a good idea for your mobile app to include hourly, daily, weekly, and fortnightly forecasts. You may want to include interactive maps too so that travelers can easily find out the weather conditions for the area or country they are visiting. Other features include:

  • Smart Notifications, that provide rapid alerts for severe weather conditions like earthquakes and hurricanes.
  • Social Network Integration, so that users can share their impressions of your app with their friends.
  • Animations, which allow users to engage with your mobile app better.

Consider Your Target Audience

Setting up any app should be treated the same as setting up a business. If you want your app to be commercially successful, you need to consider your target audience before you begin developing the application. Once you have analyzed your demographic audience’s data, you can choose the right design and features for your weather app.


Most weather apps generate money via advertising. If you are monetizing your service, you need to decide whether advertising will be your main monetization avenue or whether you want to try alternative ways of capitalizing on your app. For instance, you could charge people to use it or include special bonus features they need to sign up and pay for.

Know the Competition

Unless you know what your competitors are offering their customers, you will not be able to compete accordingly. Look at competitive apps to see how accurate the forecasts are, how beautiful the design is, and which special features they include. You can then use that information to try and outdo them.

Create a Beautiful Design

Do not underestimate the power of design. If your weather mobile-app is not as engaging and attractive as your competitors, you will not gain the new users you require. To ensure your app has a beautiful design, you need to consider both UX and UI design principles. If you do not have the skills, hire a professional UX/UI designer to make your app stand out and attract a lot of traffic. Make your design memorable and unique, and ensure it appeals to your target audience.

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