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How to Deliver Personalised Guest Experience With Custom Made Hospitality Software

The Hospitality Industry is a customer-driven industry and the need for a custom CRM is extremely important. When a customer provides their feedback about any product or service, they are doing a huge favor to organizations by etching out their views for better planning and strategy. For service-based sectors like Hospitality especially hotels, organizations survive on building a strong bond with the customer by providing them personalized services.

A Custom CRM for the hospitality sectors provided by an experienced Custom CRM provider will help companies in the industry to access a comprehensive database that will provide information about the customer. The hospitality sector implies regular contact with the customer and great scope for personalization. Airbnb has disrupted the traditional norms of the hospitality industry. If organizations in the hospitality industry want to provide more personalized service than generic over-the-counter services, they have to provide a lot of options and battle out several factors.

Organizations in the hospitality industry can lean towards different software for personalized guest experiences as one of the best ways to register customer delight followed by loyalty.

Putting the Customer first

The hospitality industry is all about conducting business from the customer’s perspective. CRM can be adopted as a global strategy that will enable companies to manage interaction with the customer at all levels. It is a tool provided by the custom CRM provider that helps in the workflow process, enhancing productivity, contact management, and much more.

How Custom CRM for the Hospitality Industry warrantees Personalized experience

Custom CRM for the hospitality industry goes way beyond price and quality. It also is about maintaining a friendly demeanor while dealing with the customer, making rapid decisions, and resolving problems instantly. CRM software for a personalized guest experience is needed to exceed customer expectations by enhancing the aesthetic value of its offerings.

Let’s see some appreciable advantages:

Single-window database

All the required information will be stored with the custom CRM software which is updated time and again to accommodate changes. With this data in hand, companies can resolve customer complaints effectively.

Improved Sales Productivity

Repetitive sales jobs like bulk email generation can be phased out with custom CRM. wit the CRM mobile access, the sales team will have ready information on what the customer prefers and can take decisions to deal with them.

Customer Retention

About 69% of customers have driven away to rival companies because of the lack of any personal connection with the company they deal with. Rob Yanker of McKinsey and Company very aptly puts it, “Winning back a lost customer can cost up to 50-100 times as much as keep the current one satisfied” With custom CRM as a high-powered tool, organizations can now rely on its analytics to deliver what the customer wants, in a manner they want and the time when they require it”.


A good custom CRM software by a top-notch custom CRM provider will assist organizations to personalize their services according to what they need. Apart from the value of money, many customers prefer to avail of exclusive services.

Better Customer experience

For an overall enhanced experience, custom CRM should not be treated as a strategy but rather a work philosophy.

CRM tools to provide personalized customer services:

  • Configure, Price, and Quote or the CPQ software will enable the sales force to build the right product mix based on what their customer wants.
  • CRM analytical reporting that runs within the custom CRM software will also provide desirable insights on customer demographics, time-frame comparison, buying trends, and much more.
  • Custom CRM tools will also provide details on the customer journey right from the evaluation of service to post-sales.
  • A rapid funnel velocity will assist customers to move up the customer journey faster with personalized services.
  • Easier scanning of Machine-Accepted Leads(MAL) that helps organizations to figure out the right customer at the right time.

Word of Advice

Hotels and theme-park organizations who are now inclined to invest in CRM software should understand a few things about the right way to go about it.

  • Whether it is a social media or marketing automation system, the custom CRM for the hospitality industry has to be in sync with what you’re already using.
  • Seek the help of a custom CRM provider rather than doing it alone as the expertise of the team will render your software some promising benefits.
  • Having a proper work plan on how to work with software needs to be documented well. All the employees also have to be abridged with the new changes so that acceptability changes towards it.

To talk about superlative customer experience is one thing, to deliver it is another. With the right technology, the dream of driving your business with customer smiles can be a reality. Choose the right custom CRM provider which will understand your needs and deliver for you.

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