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How To Deliver A More Customer-Centric Online Service

To earn long-term business benefits and win loyal buyers, retailers are adopting more customer-centric approach. This approach binds a retailer to facilitate his customers to the maximum. This is the reason why almost every online business vendor today, is taking to the edge of live chat. By deploying this chat application, retailers cannot only win their customers’ trust but could also increase their satisfaction. Given below is the detailed description on how live chat can help you better deliver a customer-centric online service.


Today, retailers’ main focus is turning towards a more customer-centric approach, because only this can provide them a competitive edge in a jam-packed online market. By adopting customer-centric strategies, vendors give priority to selling solutions rather than to products.

The approach binds retailers to closely observe customers’ demands and expectations. Additionally, it also lays stress on developing friendly customer relationship through effective online communication.

The major factors behind the adoption of this approach are; customers’ increasing demands and their less forgiving attitudes. Today, technology-savvy customers want everything at their beck and call. They do not prefer companies that redirect them to various departments to get assistance. That is why online business owners are integrating live chat software on their e-commerce websites.

Deploying this web-based chat application can help retailers to deliver the best customer-centric approach in the following ways.

Easy and Fast Connectivity

Gone are the days when customers used to dedicate a special time to shopping. The tech-savvy customers now prefer to multitask while making online purchases; therefore, they do not want to go through the hassle of composing an email or listening to an elevating music on a customer service hotline. By providing live chat option on their e-commerce websites, entrepreneurs can get connected to their customers just in matter of seconds. The presence of chat window on an e-commerce websites, also encourages online customers to start a chat when find themselves stuck at some point during their purchase process.

Smooth and Seamless Communication

Smooth and seamless communication is necessary to keep customers engaged. Moreover, it also enables support personal to provide complete and useful assistance to their customers. By deploying support chat software, retailers can conduct a smooth text-based conversation with their online customers. Doing this, not only increases customers’ satisfaction in your services but also entice them to revisit your website.

On-the-Spot Assistance

On-the-spot assistance through live chat can do wonders for your business. Not only does it increase your credibility but also helps you turn a visitor into a paying customer. The traffic monitoring feature of online chat enables CSRs to keep a track of visitors on their website. Thus, noticing the time duration of a customer on a particular page, your live chat agents can approach him proactively and provide him necessary assistance. Doing this will not only help you earn life-long customers; but also enable you to reduce shopping cart abandonment on your site.

Increased First Time Resolution

Dialing a customer service hotline again and again and composing long formal emails to get their issues resolved always comes as an annoying experience for a customer. Therefore, being less tolerable than before, an online customer would not visit your website for the second or third time because he can find a number of other better options just on few clicks of mouse. Online chat on your website enables your chat personal to resolve customers’ issues as early as possible. The seamless one-on-one conversation encourages customers to put all their queries and concerns in-front of expert chat personals. By being dedicated and knowledgeable, chat operators provide a useful assistance to their customers.

In short, live chat provides you all what’s necessary to maintain a customer-centric approach in your business.

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Brian Smith is a business consultant at with a particular interest in live chat support for businesses. He particularly likes to use his passion for technology to empower online entrepreneurs to realize the true potential of their ventures.

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