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How to Deal With Negative Reviews Quickly

Negative reviews are a nightmare for businesses, no one wants to have them. But it’s a business so you
can’t expect everything to be perfect. Reviews play a strong role in letting customers decide whether to opt for your services or not. Good and bad reviews happen to every business. Good increase in revenue whereas bad defame your company.

So, if you receive a bad review, you shouldn’t take it on your nerves and start thinking that your business is going to doom now. You must know how to turn your negative reviews into positive ones.

Below are the three short tips that will tell you how to deal with negative reviews.

Accept It

First of all, don’t make it an issue that your customer has bad-mouthed you online instead accept it. It’s okay to have a negative review, many businesses receive it. Think of those businesses who are dying to receive customer reviews and don’t have any.

Getting reviews is a sign that your business is coming under the customer’s attention so instead of feeling
disappointed to have it, accept it and know why the customer said his way. You’ll get to know where you’re lacking and which area needs improvement.

Write a Response

Now, when you’ve accepted the review, see what you can do to manage it. But first of all, write a response
in reply or talk to your customers. Writing a response doesn’t mean that you get harsh with your customer and bully him for posting a negative about you. If his words seem real, take notes and answer them politely.

You can start with a small apology and explain how this happens. State how professional you’re with your
business and mistakes can happen. Then quickly give him a deadline to look upon his complaint and resolve the issue.

It’s good if you offer him a deal or discount in reply. Keep in mind that other customers are reading your
response, this will help you to stay positive while writing. Deal with the whole situation professionally.

Take Action

Two negative makes a positive. So, a lot of customer reviews can make your product remarkable, remember that. After you write a response to your customer, it’s time to take action over his complaint so you can face them again with confidence.

Do you know how an app is evolved? Through customer reviews. When app creators launch their app on
App Store learns more about its app through customer feedback. The queries, complaints, and feedback culminate into a positive app result.

This can also happen with your business if you take the negative review positively. It’s true that reviews are powerful in building and defaming your company but the way you respond to the reviews tells a lot about you.

So, if customers have said that your product was poor and doesn’t fit in their frame, ask them how can we
get better? This will help you to have detailed feedback about their complaint and you’ll know how to improve.


Reviews boost your web design, make your position credible in the online world, and increase traffic to your website. So, it’s not a problem if you receive a negative review but the problem starts when you choose not to handle it positively.

Never take failures for granted, they are the best teacher of your life. Learn from it and move on and
evolve better. The same goes for the negative reviews, if you get them, learn from them and think of ways to appear better.

The three tips above will help you to tackle negative reviews for your business. I hope you now know the
importance of negative reviews and the way to deal with them. Meanwhile, I’d love to know how do you treat negative reviews on your site and social media? Let’s start the conversation in the comments below.

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I’m Muhammad Osama qualified professional with a ground-breaking experience in developing SEO campaigns, analytics, and monitoring the ranking in Google search pages. A clear communicator with an experience of digital marketing and improving the ranks of a brand within a few months.

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