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How to Complete Assignment Sheets Effectively

Somewhere in the world, there are students who study with pleasure, ask for additional homework, and even do them twice as fast as others. They do not need reminders and special motivation, as they are not familiar with feelings of guilt and procrastination. True, they are as rare as those who have not watched a single Game of Thrones episode.

Enrolling in a school, prospective students understand that it will be difficult at times. They are faced with procrastination, fatigue, and indifference from loved ones (who, well, are not ashamed to watch the new TV show at all, while you are struggling with your homework!).

Here are some tips that can make life easier for students. With them, you can deal with assignments effectively and much faster.

Use “helpers”

The most useful aid for self-study is the timer. It will help you do your tasks without any extra effort, to start work, even if you don’t feel like it (“now I’ll do assignments for 20 minutes, and that’s all!”), and relieve the feeling of guilt during breaks. Also, you can use trackers and checklists to assist you (they record successes and intermediate milestones, and they help not to miss important things).

You can also get assignment help online on services like AssignmentShark. You just need to indicate which assignment you need help with and what the requirements for it are. With the help of such services, you can deal with your assignment sheets faster.

Do your assignments in the same place

Find a quiet, comfortable, maximally secluded place where it will not be easy to get to you, which means there will be fewer people who want to distract you. This “place of power” must be kept clean and tidy: less crumbs from cookies and snacks, more free space for everything you need to do your tasks.

A bed or sofa is not suitable for homework: it is too comfortable, and you will be tempted to fall asleep on it. Plus, there is the opposite effect: if you do assignments all the time on the bed you sleep on, it will be difficult to fall asleep on it later.

Not all scholars agree with having a singular place of study. Researchers from the Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) are confident that the places for classes should be rotated. Firstly, it disciplines the brain, tones it up. Secondly, if the educational material is difficult to remember, the new place for studying will become a conditional repository of knowledge, stimulating memories – just like the “mind palace” of Sherlock Holmes.

Choose the right time

It is desirable that home self-study takes place regularly at the same time. Conduct a couple of experiments and observe yourself: at what point are you at the peak of your educational form? This is the time that you should do your homework.

It is also important to take into account the external distractions. If you’ve chosen study time when the whole family comes home from work and is eager to eat and exchange news, or if it is when the next episode of your favorite TV show is broadcast on Fox, then you’ve not chosen the most productive time.

Forget about household chores and responsibilities

When doing self-study at home, this is one of the most difficult points. How can someone be engaged if dinner for the family is not ready yet, things are not washed, and their son or daughter is waiting for help with homework? Here’s how: remind yourself of the priorities and that learning has an end goal (reaching a certain level, passing an exam, being interviewed for a dream job), but household chores do not, as no matter how much you redo them, they will reappear tomorrow.

If your conscience (and frankly, hyper-responsibility) does not allow you to study calmly, let yourself finish household chores in advance or delegate them to family members or hired help for the duration of your assignments.

Take breaks

Fight against workaholism concerning educational feats! The more students study without a break, the worse they will learn, the slower they will think, and the worse the result will be. Taking short breaks keeps you motivated, and it allows your brain to learn the new things and connect it with the old ones.

We’ve listed tips on dealing with your assignment sheets effectively. The recommendations may not work for everyone, but experimentation will help you choose the ones that work for you.

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