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How to Boost eCommerce Sales With Visual Appeal

Having a successful eCommerce business means more than having a website, a good marketing team, and good products. It also means having a well-designed website with a good structure that provides a good user experience.

One of the most important parts of a great user experience and, in turn, sales increase for an eCommerce business is the good visual appeal of the website. Good visual appeal includes all the content on the website.

Why Are Visuals Important?

There are several reasons visuals are important to an eCommerce business. The first thing is that users like experiencing the good design and having information presented to them visually, but there are other important aspects:

  • Increased comprehensiveness: Information presented visually is easier to understand. When users read large descriptions, they tend to lose focus and interest in the product. Keeping the description short, and providing multiple images gives the users a better overview of the product.
  • Better product visibility: Having products showcased on the landing page improves the chances someone buys them. To create an appealing offer, businesses must use the correct visuals for the products, e.g. discount images, special offer buttons, etc.
  • Trustworthiness: With the right visuals an eCommerce website can increase its trustworthiness. Having no visuals whatsoever requires people to trust descriptions. So, with a little bit of color psychology, visuals, and design, the business boosts customer trust.

Website Based on Color Psychology

There’s a reason some companies use certain colors for their logos, their websites, and a certain percentage of visuals on their website. The reason is that people react to different colors in different ways. Here are some ways we interpret different colors:

  • Green: Causes a relaxing feeling, a feeling of harmony and energy. Green is the color of life and nature. That’s why we experience that calming sensation when seeing green. However, it’s also perceived as a symbol of wealth.
  • Blue: It’s a symbol of the sky, and it also has calming properties because most people perceive it as something that represents trust, loyalty, strength, and friendliness. It’s the color that can help us fall asleep.
  • Red: Causes vibrant feelings and excitement. It’s a color that symbolizes passion, energy, and courage. Using red on your website might not be the best way to go because it is also associated with danger and anger.
  • Yellow: The color of the sun, and that’s why it symbolizes happiness. It might be a good idea to use it on some parts of the website because it gives an optimistic vibe to almost anything. It’s also associated with inspiration.

Using these colors combined with plain white on an eCommerce website can increase the visual appeal of the website and result in a sales increase. White symbolizes cleanliness and this is an association users form in their mind when seeing it combined with other colors.

User-generated Content

A key aspect of using visuals to your advantage is asking users to leave content on your website. It can be feedback in the form of comments and reviews, but the best way to go is to encourage them to submit unboxing videos or videos of their experience with your products.

This way, you’ll use user-generated visuals to your advantage, and other users can look at the real product and how it’s being used. It boosts trustworthiness, trustworthiness boosts user experience, and user experience can increase sales.

Infographics About Products

Infographics are the best way to describe products. A good infographic delivers the most important information on the product to the potential customer. This means that different parts of the product should be photographed and described.

Of course, the background for each part should be white. It’s quite simple, a product photo can have a clear background with Retoucher Online. This type of software can make infographic design much easier.

Full Product View and Deconstructed Products

It’s always good to try to display products in a 360° view. It just makes them seem realistic on the website. Plus, displaying deconstructed products, in the same manner, makes an eCommerce website unique.

It’s a bigger hassle, and it’s not easy to do, but it’s worth the trouble because visual uniqueness also brings customers to the website. This is possibly one of the best ways to use visual appeal to boost eCommerce sales.

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