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How to Best Promote Your Fashion Brand or Business Online

After you’ve created a winning trademark and launched your fashion brand, the next major challenge – in addition to managing your products, time and budget – is to market it properly. Today, online advertising and social network engagement is possibly the best way to promote your fashion brand, whether you have a small budget or a large one.

These days, a lot of people search for fashion inspiration and buy clothes online, which makes getting noticed much easier than struggling to reach your prospective audience through traditional stores and outlets. Promoting your fashion brand or business online should be a priority to help your company grow and to help get you noticed amongst the rest of the competition. Using social media and maintaining a company blog, are just some things that you can use to promote your fledgling business or fashion brand.

1. Use Social Media Marketing

For any business, it’s important to have a social media strategy in place if you want to build your brand awareness online and reach more customers. However, just posting Tweets, images, or videos on social media is not enough to get you noticed in the industry. Engagement is also an important aspect of social media that will help strengthen your brand and increase your social media influence. As the world of social media can be daunting, there are a few select platforms that are beneficial to use in the fashion industry.


To begin with, Instagram has grown tremendously lately and now has over a billion active customers. Second, Instagram is an extremely visual medium that permits you to display your items from the best viewpoint. Fashion trademarks have turned into the rulers of Instagram, with carefully selected content, targeted adverts, and behind-the-scenes images on Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories can have an impact on your followers, whether you are posting for business or on your personal account.


For businesses wanting to reach a wide target audience, Facebook is one of the top social media platforms to use for social media marketing. With over two billion active users each month, it’s wise for companies to tap into this market to get their brand noticed. Having a Facebook business page can allow you to share posts, communicate with customers, and use Facebook advertising. With Facebook Messenger, companies can get back to any customer queries in no time at all. Quick responses are always valued by customers and can help demonstrate great customer service.


Although users cannot showcase their products to their full potential, like with high-res product images on Instagram, LinkedIn can instead help business owners and creatives develop professionally. If you are a fashion designer or professional working in the industry, LinkedIn can help you establish yourself. Building a network on LinkedIn can help professionals discover new contacts, network with other people in their industry, and help them discover inspiration. Having both a company LinkedIn page and your own individual one can help more people to notice your fashion business which can potentially lead to new partnerships or business opportunities along the road.

2. Maintain A Company Blog

There are many great ways that running and maintaining a company blog can help your business. Companies in a wide range of industries utilise blogs for publishing informative articles, guides, and news updates for their customers or stakeholders. From fashion and retail, to gaming and tech companies, in consumer-facing industries updating a company blog regularly can put informative and useful content in front of your customers when they want it. For example, in the gaming industry, brands like Pink Casino share blog posts on a range of topics from how-to guides to the news on the latest online casino slots that are tailored to help engage with their audience.

In the fashion industry, there is a wide range of engaging content topics and types that you can showcase to your target audience. While blog posts on the latest seasonal collections and sales are intriguing, blog content does not always have to just be text-based. An engaging infographic highlighting the latest fashion trends, outfit inspiration from the past, or popular celebrity red carpet looks can also be interesting for your customers and help to raise awareness of your brand in the online space. The key is to offer interesting, entertaining or helpful content that your audience can’t find anywhere else.

Embedding YouTube videos into a blog post can also be a useful way to bring another dimension to your content, and can also help to promote your own YouTube channel if you have one. Ensuring that your blog is updated regularly and shares a range of interesting content can help you successfully establish your brand persona online.

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