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How Social Media Helps Dentists to Attract Patients

Social media is all the rage these days. Whether it’s being treated essentially as a personal form of communicating with like-minded folks or as a functional business tool to attract new business and peer review product lines and service offerings, many still consider it a novelty, even though the major social media players have all been around for a few years already.

But while one conscientious and experienced dentist, already long in the tooth, quietly asks his receptionist whether there’s another patient for him, another dentist, who has just recently graduated has dived straight into their new practice, feet first and with a queue of patients patiently waiting for them. Why? Because the newly minted dentist knows how to use social media.

Savvy but professional social media tools

1. Plain English please

There’s a good reason for this. The softly-spoken dentist never responded to the social media craze, while the new kid on the block only uses colloquial but professional language when talking to new patients in their chat rooms.

2. YouTube please

Demonstrate just how good you say you are by posting a demonstration of your skills on You Tube.

3.Old school presentations

Also, remember that no matter how hip you are, you still need to present yourself professionally.

Effective strategies to attract patients

1. Networking with your frenemies

So, keep your white coat on and practice good hygiene and a respectful tone at all times. Talking and interacting with your patients is all good and well. You also need to keep in touch with your frenemies. You don’t necessarily need to talk to them but at least you have insight on how the opposition is doing.

2. You still have responsibilities as a social media activist

It doesn’t stop there, but it does get better. You can become a great advocate on good dental hygiene and showcase your skills and knowledge by always being prepared to share and publish new dental trends and techniques with everyone.

3. Connect and make friends meet

Of course, you still need friends and supporters to make your presence felt. You also need to attract attention and get new patients into your famous dental chair. Network as broadly as you can but devise a strategy which focuses on local markets close to your rooms. Engage with your own staff and get them active in spreading the word to those they already know.

Finally, the great thing about effective social media networking and advertising, whether you are considering hiring a dental consultant to help you or are going it alone, is that it only needs to take a few minutes of your time at different stages of the day.

Particularly for a dentistry practice, time is money, and as a dentist, your priority remains seeing to your patients. One last tip then before we go. Spend a few minutes journaling via your chosen social media network on how well your treatment of your last patient went.

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