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How is Big Data Revolutionizing EHS Management

Environment, health, and safety (EHS) management can be a pain point for companies across industries. Under the purview of their EHS program, companies must keep an eye on a variety of things, such as transportation accidents, injuries, leading indicators, and relevant environmental mishaps among others. It is not an easy undertaking by any means. This is because EHS systems’ performance is primarily based on the successful alignment of a handful of factors, namely, human resources, technology-related abilities, and overall processes.

As you can see, it is a complicated endeavor — one that stands to be enhanced through the implementation of technological novelty, such as big data, machine learning, etc. Especially big data — it presents the potential to help companies not only efficiently keep an eye on workplace safety but also streamline costs and cut down operational risks. In addition to that, companies, in the context of EHS management, will gain the ability to glean previously unknown correlations in data, and achieve both predictive as well as prescriptive insights aimed at helping them enhance their EHS performance. To help you understand this better, we have listed some of the essential ways in which big data is transforming EHS management.

Better data: Of course, there is no dearth of data in the world, and yet so many organizations struggle with the quality of data they end up with. Thankfully, with assistance from big data, businesses can gather and store data that is not only better in variety but often also one that was previously undiscovered. With an EHS system fortified with big data, one can capture relevant data from various sources, which can then be processed for use in analytics and reporting.

Enhanced risk analysis: Big data empowers organizations to determine risks by utilizing elements like predictive analytics and more. In the specific context of EHS, such predictive technologies help companies enhance their ability to be proactive about the management of their operations. Additionally, it delivers the ability to visualize insights underpinned by historical data, and make highly realistic and accurate forecasts, thus empowering the company to deal with risks, if at all proactively.

Improved management of waste: A successful preventive maintenance program does away with duplicate workflows, empowers employees to organize work effectively, and helps cut down operational downtime. However, with big data in the mix, companies can also determine if an increased amount of active waste is being generated and in precise duration. Not only that, one can also identify the exact location of the facility producing additional waste along with the quantity.

A software solution for occupational health and safety that is fortified with tools like big data offers organizations the opportunity to do fear-reaching changing business and also institute newer and more modern means of earning revenue. It is, of course, besides benefits like better risk mitigation, enhanced EHS performance, lowered cost of compliance, and improved eco-efficiency of operations among so many other things.

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