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How Gary Kaplan Is Providing Hope To The Hopeless

Known for his philanthropic efforts and entrepreneurial spirit, Gary Kaplan is a man of outstanding charitable achievements.

His passion for helping others led to the arrival of the HG Kaplan Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to providing hope and financial assistance to underprivileged children and communities. By equipping impoverished areas with the resources they need to thrive, Kaplan aims to give poverty-stricken children a new lease on life. Kaplan’s inspiration for his nonprofit organization stemmed from his worldly travels.

While spending time in places like Africa and Cuba, Kaplan was astounded by the lengths that families had to go to fulfill their basic needs. He’d often see women traveling miles to fetch water, food, and other essentials. Not having these resources readily available was a baffling concept to Kaplan, and he wanted desperately to make a positive impact on these communities. As a result, he looked into how much capital and involvement would be needed to spark change. Soon after, he got to work in Zambia, Africa.

Taking a solution-driven approach, Gary Kaplan focused on small goals that would make significant differences. With his sights set on providing a communal water source, Kaplan created a well that would pump water throughout countless villages. Following the completion of this task, Kaplan shifted his focus to teaching townspeople how to gather supplies, carry out repairs, and build necessary structures. It’s these noble efforts that have earned Kaplan the admirable reputation he holds today.

According to Kaplan, his initiatives are so successful because he takes them one step at a time. By breaking down his process, it becomes more manageable. It also allows him to maximize production. Above all else, Kaplan explains that his family is what inspires him most. With them in mind, he believes that he can bring the most unthinkable of dreams to life.

While his pursuits in Africa helped him get his start, Kaplan hasn’t slowed down since. The HG Kaplan Foundation is currently committed to improving living conditions in Costa Rica and other Latin American communities. Kaplan’s nonprofit has grown by such leaps and bounds that it’s able to take on over 50 projects at a time. Many of these projects hone in on community development, healthcare, and education. By creating strong relationships within, Kaplan has found tremendous success in these undertakings.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Kaplan has cultivated deep-seated values during his career. Innovation, integrity, financial stability, and solidarity are what he considers his driving forces. By upholding these principles, Kaplan trusts that he can create exciting opportunities for years to come. He also relies heavily on volunteers and community participation. As a man who practices what he preaches, Kaplan is always sure to show up and show out.

Over the years, Gary Kaplan has divided the foundation into four programs: health education, daycare, bed and basic food, and clinic projects. The latter is designed to offer medical assistance and counseling to those in need. Since its inception, the medical clinic has evolved into a holistic health center. Meanwhile, the daycare program seeks to help families with young children who have no access to educational institutions. Not only does this provide kids with a safe space, but it also allows the parents to work and make a living.

The bed and basic food portion ensure that every child has these necessities. In the hopes of delivering fresh food to the hungry, the HG Kaplan Foundation has developed strong ties with grocery chains. Finally, the health education program offers lessons in health, hygiene, and nutrition. With ample guidance, Kaplan believes that fewer illnesses will pervade these destitute villages.

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