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Home Improvement: 4 Details That Are Easy To Forget

When renovating your home, it’s easy to forget about the details and only focus on the big stuff. Yet as we all know, the devil is in the details. What should you think about?

Anyone who has been through major home improvement knows the importance of planning. Still, some details might get lost in the planning, and some details even seem inconsequential. Here are four details you shouldn’t forget.

1. Doors

When you enter an apartment, you’ll immediately notice the details. Sometimes it’s subconscious. Other times the design features smack you in the face. What’s the first thing you notice in a room?

Well, the door is often the first thing you see before entering a room. Unless you have removed it, of course. Ever thought this is a feature no one cares about? Remember that the door is the first impression of the rest of the room – the rest of your home, even.

There are a bunch of things you can do to make a door unique. Firstly, the color and material of the door itself is important. Many people go for a plain white door, which might go well with your white walls.

However, the all-white aesthetic is going out of style and there’s a demand for accent walls and darker colors. Have you thought about applying the same principle on your doors? What about an all-black door?

Secondly, the door handle could make huge changes to the door. If you’ve chosen a black door, why not get some golden handles for it? Do you feel regal yet?

2. Handles and knobs

Following the same train of thought, it’s not just doors you need to open but also cupboards and closets. It’s easy to forget just how big of a difference such details can make. Here you can also choose between different colors and finishes. Again, the black and gold combination is potent and could give your kitchen a majestic vibe.

You could also go for bronze colors, which would give more of an antique look to your home. You might want to keep the same color scheme in every room. This takes some planning but could give your home that calming feeling of being well-thought-out. Otherwise, it feels like you walk into a different apartment every time you walk into a new room.

3. Lamps

Unless you enjoy sitting inside in utter darkness, you’ll remember to put in lamps. Nevertheless, it’s easy to forget the importance of proper lighting when it comes to creating the right mood. There are two major things to consider: the lamp design and the light bulbs.

Go with a design that fits your home. If you have a modern apartment with slick furniture and accent walls, you should look for something just as fresh. If you like browsing flea markets or have taken some furniture off of your parents’ hands, you could go for vintage-looking lamps.

When it comes to the light bulb itself, make sure you don’t get anything too bright. You don’t want a lamp that could light up an entire stage inside your living room. There’s also the hue to consider. You should avoid the bright white hue that you find in supermarkets or offices.

Perhaps something warmer? With light bulbs like Philips Hue, you don’t really need to decide. Here you get bulbs that are capable of producing multiple colors, and you can switch between them as you see fit. They’re controllable through an app and you can even use your voice to change the light.

4. Pictures

Good old pictures are often forgotten. In fact, it might just be the way our society has developed. In our digital world, pictures are almost exclusively posted online and we rarely print them out anymore. Most pictures you see on walls or in frames are old ones.

Many buy Polaroid cameras that will instantly print out your photos. You’ll still have to go through the hassle of framing them, though. One solution can be to find a digital frame. This allows you to frame pictures without printing them. There are multiple ways to connect to the frame: you can insert an SD card or a flash drive and you can even email photos to it.

Then the frame will show your photos in a loop, and you get to enjoy looking back at memorable moments from vacations, parties, and other events. It takes up less space in your home, you get to see multiple photos in one frame, and you don’t need to deal with printing photos ever again. Here are the 8 best digital frames, according to The Strategist.

Did you get any tips for your next home improvement?

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