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How To Find A Genuine Dell Laptop Battery

A Dell Studio 1535 laptop computer

I remember looking for a replacement battery for my Dell Laptop some years ago and realising how difficult it could be sometimes to find excellent battery replacements. Dell is one of the most trusted laptop and PC brands in the world today. Its parts are known for their long life, sturdy make-up and excellent performance. While Dell is known for manufacturing long lasting batteries, users may not get a warranty for damages unless it is due to a manufacturing fault. So then, how can you find a genuine Dell laptop battery either as a replacement or to be used as back up if you are always on the move?

The first answer is pretty much predictable, directly from the company. Although this option appears to be the easiest, it also likely to be the most expensive. Alternatively, Dell batteries can be purchased from wholesalers or online retailers who sometimes offer very competitive prices with up to 40% discounts on certain battery models. Wholesale or retail prices are usually cheaper as products are bought in bulk or during clearance sales from manufacturers.

Although it is very tempting to fall for the cheaper prices offered by retailer, there are still associated risks to be conscious of. Most of the risks can be avoided by making note of your Laptop’s series and model number in addition to the battery’s specifications before making a purchase. For example, when buying online this information can be sent to the seller to make sure that the replacement battery is compatible with and matches the original model. Dell laptop battery type and specifications may vary significantly even within the same series and therefore you should never experiment with it. You should only use Dell parts that are specific to your laptop.

Finally, always insist on a bill that clearly states whether the batter is new, used or refurbished. More often than not, a new Dell laptop battery comes with a guaranty or a replacement, repair or refund policy, even if it is shipped from many miles away.

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